tizi 2.0 - Mobile TV for iPad&iPhone with lots of new features

equinux releases substantial new App with real timeshift, Déjà Vu recordings, Wi-Fi integration, an electronic program guide and an improved, sleek user interface

Munich, Germany − November 23, 2011: We enhanced tizi, the leading mobile TV solution for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch with a host of new features today: The new 2.0 App offers real timeshift with Visual Timeline and broadcasting time, Déjà Vu recordings from timeshift buffer, electronic program guide (EPG) with reminders and push notifications.

Real timeshift with subsequent Déjà Vu recording 2.0 lets you pause and rewind a live TV show to watch it later. To easily rewind to a specific scene tizi presents preview thumbnails. You're able to adjust the sequence's scale from 5 minutes down to 1 second.

With Déjà Vu you can rewind within the timeshift buffer and start recording subsequently right from the beginning. tizi will also intelligently stop the Déjà Vu recording at the end of the live TV show. Plus it saves the original broadcasting time so you'll be able to comfortably jump to the right position.

Electronic program guide with reminder from push notifications

Don't miss any interesting TV shows. Let tizi remind you of your favorite shows - simply browse through the built-in electronic program guide (EPG) on your iPad and put your highlights on your personal TV show watch list. tizi reminds you with a local push notification as soon as one begins. 2.0 lets users control everything TV in portrait and landscape mode on iPhone and iPad, without having to quit the TV show they're watching. tizi presents an overview of the complete TV program including the progress of currently running shows and all available details that are provided by broadcasters over-the-air. It's never been more comfortable watching telly while browsing through the TV shows of the upcoming days. tizi makes TV even more fun.

Integrating tizi in your Wi-Fi at home

Connect your tizi with your Wi-Fi at home. tizi can now be set-up automatically to connect to Wi-Fi networks you've specified. But if no Wi-Fi is available, tizi automatically starts creating its own hotspot to provide TV reception, without touching your data plan. To add the new mode; 2.0 provides you with a firmware update.

If more than just one tizi is available in a network provides you with a handy chooser to connect to a specific device. Users can also manually switch tizi from @ Home to Hotspot mode.

More comfort with Onscreen Controls

tizi's newly developed Onscreen Overlay Controller provides users with more comfort and quick access to every control: Pause, rewind, record, Déjà Vu, volume, live TV. Users simply have to tap on the TV picture to bring the controls to the front - in portrait and landscape mode on iPad and iPhone. 2.0 switches even faster from one channel to the next. While swiping to a new channel tizi continues playing the current TV show. When switching back to a channel that the user's already been viewing, tizi presents the last watched scene as a picture. Next to the broadcaster's logo tizi now also displays the progress of the show when swiping to switch.

Optimized for an even better tizi experience

tizi brilliantly benefits from the Dual Core processor used in iPad 2 and iPhone 4S. Every feature of 2.0 is also available on 1st gen. iPads, iPhones (from 3GS onwards) and iPod touch /(from 3. gen.). If performance is weak you'll be able to deactivate specific features.

tizi sorts the most important TV stations to the top of your list and places radio stations at the end. It also supports more TV adapters with a new VGA / HDMI output.

"Just one year after the furious market launch of tizi this update is the next huge leap ahead", says equinux CEO Till Schadde. "equinux developed tizi with passion for detail right from the beginning. We are a product driven company, we love innovation."

Available free-of-charge on the App Store

Every tizi user can update for free to the new 2.0 App on the App Store and benefit from the enhanced feature set. 2.0 also includes a new firmware update for the tizi hotspot. tizi is available in black and white from equinux and Belkin at local resellers and online at Amazon and other leading online marketplaces for just Ä149.95 (RRP).

About tizi

tizi is the mobile TV receiver for iPad&iPhone which brings digital TV (DTT / DVB-T / TNT) to you anywhere. Whether it's with your Wi-Fi at home or with the wireless integrated hotspot. Live TV is now brought directly to your iOS device without touching your monthly data plan. tizi's timeshift feature lets you pause and rewind live TV, jump to specific scenes with the Visual Timeline and record shows right from when you started watching them. Browse through tizi's built-in electronic program guide (EPG), put your TV highlights on your personal watch list and let tizi remind you when the TV show begins. Enjoy a full featured overview of the complete TV program in portrait and landscape mode with tizi's compelling and sleek user interface. tizi can now also find your local TV stations 4x faster than other conventional solutions. Plus it records TV programs in the highest available quality directly on your iPad and iPhone and enjoy it later.

About equinux

equinux designs and develops leading Mac-, iPad- and iPhone solutions for private and professional users. Private users benefit from a full range of mail, media and lifestyle focused products. equinux' enterprise solutions include the market leading VPN client for Mac, VPN Tracker, in addition to the enterprise iPhone and iPad provisioning and management solution, TARMAC. With the mobile TV-hotspot tizi, equinux offers innovative accessories for iPad and iPhone. Our products are well regarded and have been honored by multiple Apple Design Awards over the years. equinux is headquartered in Munich, Germany and has an office in South San Francisco, California.