Last Minute Christmas greetings via email from the iPad

Send personalized greetings for Christmas and New Year's straight from your iPad

San Francisco, USA − December 13, 2011: This year, iPad users can comfortably take care of all their Christmas mail, even up to the very last minute, with the tap of a finger: equinux is offering our entire collection of beloved holiday, Christmas, and New Year's cards with our Magic Mails app. With Magic Mails, you can take pictures using the built-in iPad 2 camera, incorporate pictures from your photo library, and with the flip of your wrist, personalize your greeting cards to make them as creative and festive as ever!

Magic Mails has a lot of goodies to offer for the holiday season: Invitations, ski trips, wish lists, New Year's parties, and much more. Just scroll through the collection on the user interface, and choose your favorite card. Now you have the chance to add your own photos, write your own greetings, and give your card that personal pizazz which e-cards can't provide.

Many of the the cards have photo place holders, picture frames, or mask effects. Magic Mails can takes shots with the iPad camera or snag them from your personal library. With a two finger gesture, you can scale and turn your pictures to make them fit perfectly, then pep them up with photo filters. Every photograph you use can be edited with Live-Effects.

Greeting cards which come from YOU

Magic Mails uses your own email account so that every greeting card you send comes directly from your very own email account. With more than 75 greeting cards with Christmas, holiday, and New Year's themes, and 300 other themed greeting cards, you are sure to find something to fit every occasion.

Price and availability

The Magic Mails iPad app is available for only USD 2.99 on the App Store and includes 3 free selectable greeting cards. Each additional greeting card is available for just USD 0.99 In-App and can be used indefinitely. The full collection of Stationary Greeting Cards is available for a discounted price in Magic Mails. Those whom have already purchased a Stationary Pack or a thematic collection, can use these on their iPad as well as their Mac.