tizi go turns your iPad 2 into a mobile TV

Mobile TV for the iPad: equinux releases tizi go, the compact TV receiver which connects to the iPad 2

San Francisco, USA − December 15, 2011: Just in time for the holiday season, equinux welcomes a new addition to the tizi family. tizi go, the new TV receiver exclusively for the iPad 2, differs from its big brother as it can be plugged directly into the iPad 2. tizi go is compact, really light, has an integrated cable antenna, and is super easy to set up. tizi go is made especially for the iPad 2 and has been officially recognized for its fantastic compatibility by Apple with the " Made for iPad" certification.  tizi go is powered by the 2 app, which is available free of charge. 

A cool antenna with superb performance

tizi go's slim, lightweight build (less than 20 grams), along with its integrated antenna, makes tizi go an attractive travel partner for every iPad user.  But it's not only about looks, tizi go's inner values are attractive as well! Underneath its beautiful white, glossy cover, lies a state of the art TV chip.

tizi go comes equipped with a totally original, integrated, flexible cable antenna. It's built-in to tizi go, so there's no way to break it or lose it. The antenna is just as flexible as the cable from a pair of headphones. It works great, looks good, and is kind of fun to play with too. The app starts as soon as tizi go is hooked up to the iPad 2 dock connecter. It couldn't be any easier! 2.0: Never miss another show

You can watch TV while browsing through TV listings, pause live TV (Timeshift) and continue watching it later, rewind to the exact second of any scene (Visual Timeline),  and jump back in time to record TV shows (Déjà Vu). This is intelligent TV: with tizi go, you have control of everything.

There is no need to miss your favorite shows. The integrated electronic program magazine (EPG), offers a watch-list, and a reminder function which help keep you in the loop. With the swipe of a finger, you can browse through the upcoming TV listings, pinch the EPG with two fingers to see the available details (depending on channel), and put your favorite shows on your watch-list.

A smart user interface: turn it any way you like

tizi go and all of its features can be used on your iPad in portrait or landscape. That way you always get the full picture of what's on and what's coming up. You have a clear view with easy access to EPG, recording, as well as many other features. Watch TV on your iPad and browse the upcoming listings at the same time - now that's mobile TV heaven!

Up to nine hours of tizi enjoyment

Once you plug in tizi go, it's internal Li-Polymer battery powers your receiver. Once you start watching TV, your iPad battery will power tizi go for up to nine hours (with 30% brightness in airplane mode), giving you enough time to watch all your favorite shows. You can charge your tizi go with the included micro USB cable. 

There's a tizi for everyone

tizi go was designed exclusively for the iPad 2, but its big brother, tizi, was born to bring mobile TV to iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch users. As opposed to tizi go, tizi comes without cables and adapters: you can place the tizi mobile hotspot wherever the reception is best, such as by the window. tizi go sets itself apart from its big brother with its "plug and play" ease-of-use.

Price and Availability

tizi go is available exclusively on for 99,99 Euro (incl. VAT). You get, tizi go, the mobile TV receiver, with its integrated, flexible antenna, as well as a micro USB charging cable and Quick Start Guide. The 2 app can be downloaded free of charge from  or on the Apple App Store.

About tizi go

tizi go: connect and enjoy
Turn your iPad 2 into a mobile TV: tizi go is a compact TV receiver for the dock connector. Just connect it to your iPad 2 and enjoy TV. tizi go uses the dock connector on your iPad 2 and receives digital TV (DTT/DVB-T) with its built-in flexible antenna. tizi benefits greatly from the app by offering functions such as, browsing through TV listings, pausing live TV and continuing to watch it later (Timeshift), rewinding to the exact second of any scene (Visual Timeline),  and jumping back in time to record TV shows (Déjà Vu).  Using Smart Location, tizi can find channels 4x faster then ever. This is intelligent TV.

About equinux

equinux designs and develops leading Mac-, iPad- and iPhone solutions for private and professional users. Private users benefit from a full range of mail, media and lifestyle focused products. equinux' enterprise solutions include the market leading VPN client for Mac, VPN Tracker, in addition to the enterprise iPhone and iPad provisioning and management solution, TARMAC. With the mobile TV-hotspot tizi, equinux offers innovative accessories for iPad and iPhone. Our products are well regarded and have been honored by multiple Apple Design Awards over the years. equinux is headquartered in Munich, Germany and has an office in South San Francisco, California.