Certificate Support featured in new Version 2.0

"VPN Tracker is now ready to make its mark in the enterprise market".

Munich / Boston / Las Vegas − April 29, 2003: Just in time for NetWorld+Interop in Las Vegas, equinux announces a pre-release version of VPN Tracker, its unique Mac OS X IPsec client. In addition to the standard "pre-shared secret" method of authentication, the implementation of digital RSA certificates in version 2.0 has notably enhanced the scalability of VPN Tracker.

Pre-shared secrets are impractical and do not scale well when deploying large-scale VPN installations. The support of certificates, however, builds upon the innovative features of VPN Tracker's previous releases to deliver greater ease and flexibility in handling VPN setups. Digital certificates act as electronic credentials and undoubtedly offer the strongest form of user authentication.

Certificates can be issued, digitally signed, validated and managed centrally with VPN Tracker Version 2.0, thereby reducing management overhead and administratrative costs. User specific certificates eliminate requirements for password sharing and guarantee that only intended recipients or network devices have access to transmitted data.

"With the support of certificates, VPN Tracker is now ready to make its mark in the enterprise market", reported Till Schadde, equinux's CEO. "Version 2.0 addresses vital elements of security reinforcement and applies even tighter control for accessing corporate networks."

The modular design of VPN Tracker's built in certificate manager enables the control of all foreign as well as acknowledged certificates and certificate authorities (CAs). The exchange of X.509 certificates during key negotiation is now supported by VPN Tracker in various formats: PEM, DER and PKCS#12 certificates can be generated, signed, imported and exported. For Linux compatibility, VPN Tracker version 2.0 also encorporates a built in converter to export certificates in the public/private key format used by FreeS/WAN.

Pricing and Availability

VPN Tracker Version 2.0 is currently available as a pre-release and is not intended for production usage. The official version of VPN Tracker 2.0 is expected to be finalised towards the end of May.

All buyers as of April 25th 2003 will be entitled to a free upgrade to version 2.0. For current 1.x users of VPN Tracker, equinux will offer an attractive upgrade.

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