APC Tracker 3.0 PR 1 released

The Power Protection of APC Tracker 3.0 offers improved Reliablility and enhanced Usability for Mac OS X and XServe.

Munich / Boston − July 09, 2003: equinux has reboosted it's unique APC Tracker to strengthen uptime reliability for its Mac users working in a network environment. The software runs parallel to APC's Unlimited Power Supply as a server tool to shut down Mac operating systems in the event of a power failure. APC Tracker 3.0, introduced as a preview version, has been completely rewritten as a Cocoa application to power specifically off Mac OS X and Xserve.

" With the increasing volume of Mac users migrating to OS X and Xserve, the smooth integration of our software into the OS X operating system has been our priority " said Ortwin Gentz, CTO of equinux. " We have optimized the capabilities of APC Tracker and provided our customers with state-of-the-art power protection, especially in response to the increasing popularity of Xserve based environments. "

Client/server architecture has been implemented into APC Tracker to permit the simultaneous management of multiple APC Tracker servers from a single workstation. It's ability to facilitate remote configuration, monitoring and administration guarantees steadfast operability and a friendly, robust user-interface.

The revised design of APC Tracker enables face-less operation in server configurations, which is of upmost importance for the secure deployment of Apple's Xserve's, as well as the additional range of Mac servers.

equinux assures high protection, effortless manageability and the elimination of risk associated with power failures. With it's APC Tracker 3.0, equinux also promises convenience, leading-edge performance and of particular significance, greatly improved Aqua user-experience.

For assistance and technical guidance, the APC Tracker support team can be reached at

Pricing and Availability: APC Tracker 3.0 PR1 has just been released as a preview version and is not yet intended for production usage. The software is now freely available to download from the equinux website, running as a time-limited version until 08/06/2003:
Pricing and availability of the final version will be announced at a later date.