APC Tracker 3.0 PR 2 released

equinux Inc. has released a new pre-release version of APC Tracker. This release can be considered another major step towards a final release of APC Tracker 3.0.

Munich / Boston − August 08, 2003: Support for the APCUPSd has returned. APCUPSd, available for Linux and Windows, allows to retrieve the status of an APC device via serial or USB port without the need to buy an expensive SNMP card.

Another essential feature worth mentioning is the new access restriction ability, which allows to control who may view status information and who may alter the configuration.

Also great news for administrators: APC Tracker offers scripting capabilities and offers system administrators the possibility to adjust specific needs by writing their own custom scripts.

This pre-release version is available as time limited demo version (until 09/01/2003), however there are no other demo restrictions to allow excessive testing.