APC Tracker 3.0 released

equinux presents APC Tracker 3.0 - with an easy-to-use interface; the software can help power protection users to effectively manage downtime risk and prevent data loss.

Munich / Boston − September 01, 2003: Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) administors are concerned with protecting servers from utility failures or other unexpected power problems that result in data loss and unplanned downtime. By over-bridging the gap incases of a power failure the UPS device prevents this abruption. APC is a provider of UPS devices, and compatible with equinux APC Tracker 3.0.

By operating APC Tracker 3.0 combined with an APC device, monitoring and administrating the server configurations will become an easy task. The APC Tracker 3.0 is the only client on the market that provides these functions for the Mac users. "No companies can afford downtime, the daily operations will suffer, and a server reboot is very time-consuming", comments Till Schadde, CEO of equinux. "This is an essential, must-have software for Mac OS X servers; for example G5 Server and Xserve."

APC Tracker 3.0 allows full scripting capabilities. As the software runs faceless in the background, login is not necessary and incase of a power loss the software sends out vital pre-programmed information. "The features of APC Tracker 3.0 have been modified to suit users needs, incorporating our most innovative thinking, to enhance the usability and make it an easy tool for all Mac server administrators", explains Till Schadde. "This is a superb software for people looking for an easier way to administrate, control and overview the server machines connected to the UPS device."

APC Tracker 3.0 is compatible to Mac OS X Server and Apple's Xserve and the system is able to connect to an APC UPS equipped with a network management card, or to a Linux or Windows servers running APCUPSd.