equinux Leverages Netopia Gateways to Deliver Secure Remote Access for Mac OS X

VPN Tracker compatibility to Netopia announced at MacExpo in London.

London − November 21, 2003: equinux today announced at the MacExpo in London that VPN Tracker, the market leading IPsec solution for Mac remote users and teleworkers, is now compatible with Netopia’s VPN-enabled broadband gateways. Remote networking with a Netopia gateway is now easier than ever for Mac users, as the software allows remote users to share files, databases and emails over a secure Internet connection.

Setting up a virtual private network environment is a cost efficient and simple way for companies to maximize security without compromising the requirements of remote access. As a market leader in broadband equipment, software and services, Netopia offers a wide range of VPN enabled broadband gateways with a focus on SOHO users and small to medium sized companies. By operating the Netopia gateway together with VPN Tracker, Mac users are now able to remotely access company networks and share files securely over the Internet.

Netopia integrates a broad range of security tools that deliver a convenient, one-box, secure remote access solution. With advanced customization features, Netopia’s routers can be configured to meet any business requirement. Compatible with equinux’s VPN Tracker software, Mac users can now encrypt remote network traffic using the IPSec protocol.

“This is an opportunity for companies still using dial-in connections and modems to move on to a more secure and higher bandwidth solution; VPN is the ultimate technology for remote users to connect to the office network securely”, comments Dominique Fritz, Marketing Manager at Netopia Europe.

With its user-friendly interface VPN Tracker is the worldwide leading Mac OS X client. The software sets up a secure VPN Tunnel over the Internet to the Netopia gateway and allows branch and home workers to securely access the Intranet.

An easy-to-follow how to guide is available at: