APC Tracker 4 manages USB power supplies under Mac OS X

Exclusive pre-release of APC Tracker 4 at Macworld.

Macworld Expo, San Francisco − January 06, 2004:

Driven by the need to utilize UPS management tools equinux is proud to announce that APC Tracker, a software created for Mac OS X Servers, now supports USB equipped UPS devices.

Through operating APC Tracker connected to a UPS device, Mac server managers are able to effectively manage downtime risk and prevent information loss. With minimum deployment requirements and no maintenance cost this power management tool will make UPS administration simple and effective for companies determined not to put their business at risk during potential power failures.

“If you are unable to control your UPS devices you have a weak defense towards costly downtime”, comments Ortwin Gentz, CTO of equinux. “It’s significantly easy to operate APC Tracker alongside your UPS device, as a critical part to prevent costly reboots and data losses.”

IT and facility mangers using APC Tracker can easily manage and remotely access network information, so when critical power failures occur there is a possibility to evaluate the situation and prevent data loss. The software features notification capabilities for power failures, remote configuration opportunities over the Internet and combinable shutdown rules.

Pricing and availability
APC Tracker can be purchased from the equinux website in the near future, and from authorized APC Tracker consultants worldwide. The price for an APC Tracker 4 license is $129.90. To upgrade from previous 3.x versions is free and to upgrade from 1.x, or 2.x starts at $80. For multiple licenses equinux offers volume discounts.

Download a free demo of APC Tracker: