Access your FileMaker Database Securely over the Internet using VPN Tracker

equinux announces release of whitepaper at Macworld.

Macworld Expo, San Francisco − January 06, 2004:

equinux, a market leading VPN vendor for the Mac platform is proud to present a whitepaper targeted to FileMaker users connecting to the database over the Internet.

Accessing a FileMaker database from remote locations over the Internet is risky, the threat of unauthorized access can result in information leakage, modification of confidential information and exploitation of customer data. Given the fact that hackers are getting even more sophisticated in obtaining confidential information, no companies can afford the risk of illegal tampering.

“The Whitepaper shows how using VPN Tracker as VPN Client on the remote Mac, you are able to login to the company’s FileMaker databases without endangering any sensitive business information,” comments Till Schadde, CEO of equinux. “Accessing FileMaker over the Internet using VPN Tracker is the ultimate setup for companies with a remote work force.”

VPN Tracker is the market leading VPN software for the Mac market offering enforcing protection capabilities for companies sharing information over the Internet. Using the IPsec protocol the software encrypts data sent over the Internet, the client runs smoothly and is a very cost efficient way to ensure that home and branch offices are able to access FileMaker files without the risk of exposing confidential data.

equinux’s security technology is easy to implement, avoiding the heavy costs and resources usually associated with secure network technologies, and with little impact on program performance. Using FileMaker from home and branch offices over a secure VPN Tunnel is the optimal solution for companies that are looking for a cost-efficient solution to secure their networking.

You can download a free version of the whitepaper at: