VPN Tracker 2.2.6 released

VPN Tracker 2.2.6 features added connection types for Novell Border Manager, Netgear FVM318 and Pyramid BenHur II alongside a few improvements:

Boston / Munich − March 11, 2004:

  • added support for full keyboard access
  • added button in the main window as an easy way to export connections (Professional Edition only)
  • improved status indicator to show correct status after certain actions
  • enhanced import of connection files

This is a free update for all users of VPN Tracker 2.x and can be downloaded from our download page.

While the how-to documentation for Netgear FVM318 is already available, you can expect documentations for Novell Border Manager and Pyramid BenHur II in the next few days. Have a look at our interoperability page for up-to-date information.

We have also updated VPN Tracker Server to version 1.0.3, with added support for full keyboard access and an improved log output.