TomTom Threatens to File Suit Against equinux over TamTam Mac Software for TomTom GO

equinux halts the sale of TamTam and criticizes the Mac-hostile firm politics of TomTom.

Munich, Germany − December 21, 2005: Munich, Germany - 21st December 2005: The Dutch navigation-system manufacturer TomTom has threatened to file suit against the software developer equinux should they fail to make the wanted changes in the sales and marketing of TamTam. equinux introduced "TamTam for Mac OS X" in 2004. With this introduction, equinux had made the (up to then) only all-in-one navigation unit from TomTom accessible to Mac users. With TamTam, Mac users were finally able to load maps, voices, firmware updates as well as perform backups for their TomTom GO.

TomTom brought forth numerous complaints, including that equinux must should give up and cease to use the "TamTam" name. equinux must also commit to no longer using the program icon of TamTam; TomTom feels that there is a danger of mistaking Tam Tam's feet logo with TomTom's hand logo. Lastly, equinux is no longer allowed to use the term "TomTom". The resulting effects of this complaint is essentially a sales-ban for TamTam.

"Legally, we are not overly concerned about TomTom's threats. Nevertheless, we have decided to remove TamTam from the market, meaning we will no longer promote TomTom products," says Till Schadde, CEO of equinux.

Effective immediately, equinux is halting the sale of TamTam.

"TomTom is that typical hardware manufacturer that first ignores the Mac market, leaving others to pave the way and make their devices Mac compatible. Once the market has matured, they then take-over via arbitrary threats against those who provided the initial Mac-based solutions," says Till Schadde.

equinux, located in United States and Germany, is a developer of Mac applications for professionals and consumers. Market-leading VPN Tracker is specifically designed for Mac users on-the-go, wanting a secure remote connection to their office network. iSale, the Apple Design Award winning and eBay certified user-friendly application allows users to easily sell products on eBay.

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Why has equinux stopped the sale of TamTam?
TomTom has filed a complaint against equinux. Among other demands, equinux is required to remove and stop its use of the name TamTam, the feet icon and the use of the TomTom name.

equinux sees no other possibilities and would like the Mac market to understand the grounds for not developing further TomTom solutions. Therefore, equinux has ceased to distribute and sell TamTam, effective immediately.

I have TamTam for Mac OS X, should I stop using the program?
Naturally if you have purchased a product you should feel free to continue to use it. However, equinux will stop promoting TomTom products.

Will I still be able to obtain support for my previous TamTam Purchases?
equinux will continue to provide quick and efficient support for TamTam. However, we will no longer be developing the TamTam application. Should you need support for TamTam, please contact us by email.

Is equinux calling for a boycott of TomTom?

Did TomTom help equinux in the creation of TamTam?
No. equinux developed TamTam through reverse-engineering in 2004 providing a Mac solution for the TomTom Go all-in-one Navigation system. We paved the way for TomTom's entrance into the Mac market and made this product compatible for Mac users worldwide.

What alternative Mac compatible navigation systems are currently available?
Each day new attractive navigation systems are introduced. Sony recently announced the introduction of the nav-u series. This navigation system will be available in January; however, the Mac compatibility of nav-u is yet to be known.

We will gradually be updating this list as devices become readily available. If you  are familiar with any Mac compatible navigation systems, please email us and we will be happy to add it to this FAQ entry.