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Enjoy your favorite movies in any format

Watch movie files with the click of a button. Whatever your favorite movie format is - MediaCentral can handle it.

DVDs are only the beginning

Of course MediaCentral plays your DVDs and VIDEO_TS folders. But it can also do so much more: Quicktime H.264 with AAC (excluding FairPlay protected files) and AVI are fully supported. Here's a complete list of supported formats:

    DV Files
    AC3 codecs

iTune your Videos

Access your favorite iTunes videocasts from MediaCentral's movie menu. Whatever you're into - cartoons, technology, medicine, or anything else for that matter, you now have complete access to all your saved videocasts directly from MediaCentral.

Subtitles via SRT

If you have media that has an associated SRT file, you can enable and disable subtitles with the touch of a button - actually the "s" key. Just be sure that both the movie and the SRT file are in the same location with the same name and the proper extension.

My Movies

In the movie section of "My MediaCentral", you can store and access all your local and network video content. You can even create folders within your "My Movies" folder, to help navigate through your collection. Access your movies directly with "My Movies".

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