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Thanks to iTunes Match, you can now access your music library on your iPhone or iPad through iCloud. And thanks to SongGenie, your song information will be perfect, wherever you're listening to your tunes.

SongGenie and iTunes Match
Recognize songs with acoustic fingerprinting

Similar to SongGenie, iTunes Match uses a form of acoustic fingerprinting to find matches for your music. So even if song information is missing or wrong, iTunes Match can match the song to the copy of the song in the iTunes store. SongGenie and iTunes Match are about equally good at getting it right.

Recognize the song, now what?

While iTunes Match can match a song in the iTunes Store, only SongGenie can apply the proper title information: song, album, artist, genre, etc... Fact is, iTunes Match doesn't fix or update any of the song information for your tracks. Even if you delete and re-download a song via iTunes Match, your songs will still be missing information or have incorrect metadata.

iTunes Match and song lyrics

SongGenie can also find lyrics for your songs. In our tests, all song information was successfully sent to the iTunes Match library in the cloud, however lyrics occasionally seemed to get lost on the way. This appears to be a bug and we expect Apple will fix it in the near future. So if you notice that some of your lyrics aren't immediately available on all of your devices, it's probably this glitch.

SongGenie and iTunes Match - A great team

Once you've cleaned up your music library, iTunes Match automatically synchronizes all song information over iCloud making your beautiful music library available on your iPad, iPhone etc... Now thats's a true match made in iCloud heaven! Why not make your music library even more colorful and impressive. Check out CoverScout for all of your album art needs.