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The MusicLover's Bundle is everything you need to complete your music collection. Where SongGenie is like the engineer that fixes your car, CoverScout is the valeting service and polish. Identify unknown songs, find lyrics and add album covers.
SongGenie fixes your broken records

Tidy titles, typos and song info

Are you all worked up over incorrect track info and too many genres? SongGenie will help you freshen your tunes right up.

Identify unknown songs

Figure out the names of unknown songs. SongGenie creates an acoustic fingerprint and tries to find out all available track info.

Analyze your music library

See which tracks are missing lyrics, song info or cover art. The new indicator shows how close you are to collection perfection.

Find lyrics for your songs

No more guessing and no more misheard lyrics. Display your favorite songs with lyrics on your iPhone or just about any iPod too.


How good are your covers? SongGenie shows you

SongGenie let you know when you're missing an album cover. With a single click you can open CoverScout at the right song and find the correct album art. SongGenie will seamlessly update itself with the image found in CoverScout.

Sort all your songs and albums by the quality and resolution of existing album art. The five-star rating system provides an at-a-glance overview, and you can view the resolution for exact dimensions.

The rating system in SongGenie shows the proportion of your covers that are complete. With correct titles, song info and covers, you can complete your music collection.

CoverScout brings your music library to life

Custom fit your covers

Rotate, crop, scale, straighten and adjust the color levels of your album art. CoverScout is a one-stop shop for album art.

Apply artwork with a click

Browse and select covers from a range of choices. All it takes is a glance and a click and you're onto the next.

Search for missing cover art

Select your albums and search. CoverScout takes all the work out of finding album art, searching the top websites.

Search from multiple sources

CoverScout searches your preferred sites and displays the results on a single shelf. Use Amazon, Google Images and WalMart simultaneously and you'll have your cover art in no time.

Easily print real covers

Improve your physical CD collection. Choose from CD cover styles and inlay templates from the leading manufacturers and hit print.

Jump between apps with ease

Untitled albums make it hard for CoverScout to find the right covers. With the MusicLover's Bundle, you can identify unknown albums easily. Simply click the red button, and you'll jump straight to the right track in SongGenie. Once you've found the right info, bounce back to CoverScout and carry on searching for artwork.