equinux Press Release

Enjoy more mobility with tizi - the first mobile TV hotspot (DTT) for iPad and iPhone

equinux releases 1.3 - a free update of its tizi App with a new tizi firmware and lots of improvement for more mobility
Munich, Germany - 17th May 2011: equinux offers more mobility for digital TV with an update for tizi, the first mobile TV hotspot (DTT) for iPad and iPhone. Local TV stations can be found up to four times as fast as before through geo-matching. Additionally, you can store multiple TV channel lists eliminating the need for re-tuning. In car mode tizi automatically turns on as soon as the USB cable is plugged into a power source. 1.3 includes numerous improvements that users have been asking for and the new tizi firmware 3.0.

Finding stations more quickly means more mobility

Smart Location: 1.3 searches intelligently for (DTT) TV and radio stations. With the help of your GPS-position, tizi first searches based on know stations in your local area. On average, tizi is able to find regional TV programs four-times more quickly. To offer even more mobility, you can store multiple channel lists directly on your tizi that can be accessed by various devices: anyone who uses tizi on-the-go only needs to tune their stations once per location and can use them whenever they visit without the need to re-tune their tizi regardless if it is an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch being used. 1.3 has been optimized for the powerful architecture iPad 2: tizi uses the resources of the A5-processor to take care of intensive tasks like de-interlacing. In addition to improved image quality and preferences, iPad 2 users can take advantage of the new VGA/HDMI-Adapter to connect their devices to projectors, monitors or TV sets and turn any screen they come across into a digital television (DTT).

Numerous improvements includes many of improvements that tizi users have been asking for: tizi can now auto-stop recording as soon as a TV show is over - users can of course add a minute or two buffer zone to make sure they don't miss a thing. A new sleep function will automatically turn tizi off at the end of the current TV show or after a specified amount of time. Additionally you will find that the user interface has been further refined: Volume is now available as an on-screen control, Superzoom in portrait mode will automatically change, and stronger password protection has been added via support for WPA-2 encryption.

Price and availability

The update is available now in the App Store at no charge. tizi users can also download the Mac software The Tube with the tizi driver at no charge from the website. The new App includes the latest firmware update 3.0 for the tizi device. The installation will start simply over the App from an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. tizi is available for €149.95 / £149.95 through Apple Resellers and at There you will find a list of tizi resellers located near you.

About equinux

equinux designs and develops leading Mac-, iPad- and iPhone solutions for professional and private environments. equinux' enterprise solutions include the market leading VPN client for Mac, VPN Tracker, in addition to the enterprise iPhone and iPad provisioning and management solution, TARMAC. Private users benefit from a full range of mail, media and lifestyle focused products. With the mobile TV-hotspot tizi, equinux offers the market leading TV receiver as accessories for iPad and iPhone. Our products are well regarded and have been honored by multiple Apple Design Awards over the years. equinux is headquartered in Munich, Germany and has an office in South San Francisco, California.