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Love is in the mail...

Send your Valentine's greetings by e-mail with these 7 lovingly designed templates. The Stationery Pack Love & Romance Collection provides the perfect backdrop to let someone know you care.

Stationery Pack
Love & Romance Collection

Create your own personal Valentine's Day cards for friends and loved ones. Customize one of the 7 charming e-mail templates. Just click on the background to change the design, drag and drop a picture of yourself or your loved one into the drop zones and change the size and position of the pictures with a double click.

Romantic Details

Lovingly placed hearts, roses and bows underscore your Valentine's greetings. Make the most out of your own pictures by placing them in these romantic frames. And the more you wax romantic, the longer the rose grows. 

Also for close friends

Valentine's Day isn't just a romantic day for couples or those who want to be. The Stationery Pack Love & Romance Collection is also a perfect way to make a friend's day.

Make every day Valentine's Day

You don't need a special occasion to tell someone you care. A personal message to your loved ones is always welcome. These templates offer a wonderful way to send affectionate greetings year-round.