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Every one of our Stationery Pack collections offers a variety of professional templates with great design variations. Whether you're searching for the perfect email design, or looking for inspiration, Stationery Pack collections are ready for you.

Enjoy hundreds of email possibilities
Categories for all your needs

Categories are great for quick browsing: congratulations, holidays, invitations, summer spirit, vacation and more.

Business Edition categorizes by famous cities, so you can quickly remember exactly which are your favorite designs.

Find your favorite templates

Search for templates using a variety of keywords, each showing the number of available templates. Alternatively, use the search field.

Time for a little variation

Templates with a red corner have variations. Tap the space-bar to open Quick Look and see all that each template has to offer.

Compatible around the web

Stationery Pack templates work with a range of email clients. In addition to Apple Mail, our designs show up great on the iPhone and iPad, webmail services including Yahoo and Hotmail, as well as Outlook 2003.

Create emails in seconds

Choosing a template in Stationery Pack opens it in Mail, ready to be customized in just a few clicks. Add your own text and send.

Insert your own photos

Some of our templates offer drop zones - just drag and drop your favorite iPhoto pics and the placeholder pictures will disappear.

Double-click your images to bring up the simple zoom tool, or drag images around to position them exactly as you like.

Make any picture fit

Image Perfect can resize your pictures so they are exactly the right size for a Stationery picture drop zone. Just open Image Perfect and drag your image into the window. Image Perfect gives you several possible variations of your image, one for each of the types of Stationery drop zones. Choose the right size for your image drop zone and drag & drop the adjusted image into your email — a perfect fit!

One browser to rule them all

It doesn't matter which Stationery Pack or collection you use, Stationery Pack Browser is the only app you'll need. Install and use any purchased collection in Stationery Pack Browser.