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Color the gray gaps in your iTunes library: CoverScout 3 helps you find missing cover art in your iTunes library with style. It's never been easier to complete your music collection: simply search, apply, edit and print.

Cover Your Albums. Rediscover Your Music.
Search for missing cover art

Select your albums and search. CoverScout takes all the work out of finding album art, searching the top websites.

Custom fit your covers

Rotate, crop, scale, straighten and adjust the color levels of your album art. CoverScout is a one-stop shop for album art.

“I will recommend CoverScout and SongGenie and you to as many Mac users as possible.”

- William Lewis, UK

Apply with a click

Browse and select covers from a range of choices. All it takes is a glance and a click and you're on to the next...

“CoverScout and SongGenie deliver what iTunes is lacking and provide more and better implemented functionality than other products.”

- Peter Hesen, USA

Print the perfect covers

Enhance your physical CD archive. Choose from CD cover styles and inlay templates from the leading manufacturers and hit print.