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Version History

Version 3.6.7

    · Improved support for macOS Sierra

    · An issue that could cause the album list to be difficult to read has been fixed

    Have fun with CoverScout!

    Your equinux CoverScout Team

Version 3.6.6

    CoverScout 3.6.6

    · Amazon and Google searches now work more reliably

    · We've fixed a few smaller issues

    Your equinux CoverScout Team

Version 3.6.5
    We've improved CoverScout and fixed a few smaller issues.

    Your equinux CoverScout Team

Version 3.6.4
    We've improved CoverScout and fixed a few smaller issues.

    Your equinux CoverScout Team

Version 3.6.3
    · This important update fixes a number of issues - get it today for even more awesome cover searches :)

    Tip: Did you know your covers work on Apple Watch as well? Tap the song title in the music player to see your gorgeous album artwork!

    Have fun!
    Your equinux Team

Version 3.6.2
    · CoverScout now works more reliably when applying lots of covers in one go
    · We've fixed a number of crashes

    Tip: Double-click the stars in the search results view to toggle between star ratings and pixel size

    Have fun!
    Your equinux Team

Version 3.6.1

    We have fixed a couple of small issues:

    • We fixed the Amazon and Walmart search
    Enjoy your music with CoverScout!

Version 3.6.0

    We have fixed a couple of small issues:

    • We have improved CoverScout for upcoming OS X releases
    Enjoy your music with CoverScout!

Version 3.5.9

    We have fixed a couple of small issues:

    • Amazon USA searches now work more reliably
    • We fixed some image scaling problems
    • Improved cover compatibility with 3rd party DJ apps
    • Google searches have also been improved
    Enjoy your music with CoverScout!

Version 3.5.8

    Restored Google searches

    Just a small update that fixes Google cover searches.

    Enjoy your music with CoverScout!

Version 3.5.7

    Restored Amazon searches

    Just a small update that fixes Amazon cover searches.

    Enjoy your music with CoverScout!

Version 3.5.6

    Restored Amazon searches

    Just a small update that fixes Amazon cover searches.

    Enjoy your music with CoverScout!

Version 3.5.5

    Ready for OS X Mountain Lion

    This update adds support for the new Gatekeeper security feature in OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion and fixes an issue that could cause your existing album artwork not to show up in CoverScout.

    Enjoy your music with CoverScout & Mountain Lion!

Version 3.5.4
    • Searches on Amazon will find cover results again
    • We've also improved the CoverScout installer

Version 3.5.3
    • We've improved compatibility with iTunes Match. For full details, please visit our iTunes Match information page
    • Any covers you add using CoverScout are automatically synced to your iOS devices via iTunes Match.

Version 3.5.2
    • We've fixed an issue with searches

      We hope you're enjoying your favorite music with some gorgeous covers – have a great holiday season!

Version 3.5.1
    • Just a minor update that fixes an issue that caused some Amazon searches to show wrong artwork results. It's all good now, let the good times roll…

Version 3.5.0
    Optimized for Intel Macs CoverScout 3.5 is now exclusively optimized for Intel Macs and no longer supports old PowerPC Macs. This gives us much more flexibility in development going forward and has allowed us to streamline CoverScout.

Version 3.4.5
    • Fixed an issue with OS X 10.7 Lion, that could cause an error message to appear when quitting CoverScout.
    • Fixed a localization issue in the image editor.

Version 3.4.4
    • CoverScout is ready for OS X 10.7 Lion
    • Inital loading of your music library has been improved
    • Improved stability of Amazon search
    • It is no longer possible to select search sources in the “Search and Assign Automatically” dialog if they are disabled in the preferences
    • Improved compatibility when reading song information
    • Fixes a problem with deactivation under Mac OS X 10.5.8
    • Fixes a rare issue which caused song information to be overwritten while applying a cover
    • Fixes a bug which caused the Apply button to become inactive when applying covers to individual tracks

Version 3.4.3
    • Updated CoverScout to support the latest Google Image cover search results
    • We've improved compatibility with Walmart search results

Version 3.4.1
    • Improved support of MobileMe preferences synchronization
    • Prepared for the Mac App Store
    • Minor changes to the update system

Version 3.3.2
    • Now fully compatible with iTunes 10
    • Fixed an issue that caused certain genres to be shown incorrectly in iTunes

Version 3.3.1
    • NEW Support for Magic Mouse gestures
    • Improved stability of Web Search
    • Improved ID3 Tag interpretation
    • Fixed an issue where navigation arrows would stay onscreen

Version 3.3.0
    • NEW CoverScout now integrates SongGenie 2
    • Improved search for albums and artists containing special characters
    • No longer automatically appends a forward slash ("/") to Web Search URLs

    Give SongGenie 2 a try
    Search the web and automatically apply lyrics to your songs to view on your Mac, iPhone or iPod. Clean up your tags, genres and enjoy a perfect music library with SongGenie 2.

Version 3.2.6
    • We've improved compatibility with Amazon and restored all Amazon search results

Version 3.2.5
    • Updated CoverScout to support the latest Google Image cover search results

Version 3.2.4
    • We've improved compatibility with Amazon and restored all Amazon search results
    • Walmart searches have also been restored
    • Duplicate Amazon cover search results will no longer be displayed

Version 3.2.3
    • During web searches, "Apply Cover and Continue" can now be selected by holding down the control key
    • Additional Snow Leopard Core Graphics improvements
    • Fixed an issue that could cause minimized windows not to open whilst switching applications

Version 3.2.2
    • Optimized for the media library of iTunes 9
    • Fixed a crash with Google Image search
    • Better performance with Mac OS X 10.6

Version 3.2.1
    • Google Image searches are now faster
    • Fixed an issue with Google Image search which caused CoverScout to stop responding
    • Improved overall stability

Version 3.2.0
    • now available in Simplified Chinese
    • is now ready to go for upcoming Mac OS X system updates
    • uses system resources more efficiently

Version 3.1.1
    • Works better with iTunes when displaying artwork from the iTunes library
    • Improved Integration of SongGenie

Version 3.1.0
    • NEW CoverScout copies cover art downloaded from the iTunes Store into the music file
    • NEW Display cover art downloaded from the iTunes Store
    • NEW Changes in song information can be applied for the whole album
    • NEW Tracks with incomplete information can be assigned to SongGenie for identification
    • NEW Tracks with typos and incorrect track information can be assigned to SongGenie for correction
    • NEW Shows music tracks in SongGenie
    • NEW Recognizes new music folders that have been added by SongGenie
    • BOOSTED Better workflow by an improved user interface
    • BOOSTED Immediately shows changes on a music file made in other applications
    • BOOSTED Ignores invisible files and folders
    • BOOSTED Improved management of music archives on external hard drives
    • BOOSTED Improved management of music archives with complex hierarchy
    • BOOSTED Extended App Preferences
    • BOOSTED Bugfixed the error that prevented the ability to stream edited MP4 files
    • BOOSTED Bugfixed the error not to display music tracks in deactivated music folders
    • BOOSTED Bugfixed the error that displayed a track multiple times in one album

Version 3.0.3

    • Finally fixed a crash related to Wal-Mart and Google searches
    • Fixed a crash that could occur while scrolling quickly through albums while the search results are visible
    • Fixed a bug with Google searches which caused some images to be omitted from the results
    • Setting the maximum number of search results for a website to 25 works now

Version 3.0.2

    • Improved stability when performing Wal-Mart or Google searches
    • Improved reading of song information
    • Fixed a problem which sometimes changed genre information to numbers
    • Now provides a quick way to find or delete missing tracks
    • Filter now supports search terms containing quotation marks
    • Fixed an issue with the iSight integration
    • The album list now shows covers instantly after they have been assigned
    • The front cover no longer appears too small after changing the filter criteria
    • Now updates the total number of albums in the filter pop-up menu after activating or deactivating music folders

Version 3.0.1
    • Improved overall stability
    • Fixed an issue which could cause a crash while using the web search
    • Fixed a problem which caused files in AAC format to stop playing over iTunes Sharing after they had been assigned a cover
    • The commands in the Edit menu are now disabled if the selected object has no cover
    • Double-clicking the title bar now minimizes a window
    • Clicking CoverScout’s icon in the Dock now always opens the main window
    • The search results area is now empty when no albums are visible
    • No longer writes unneccessary messages to the Console
    • Pressing the Return key no longer starts a search if the files for the current album have not been found yet
    • Now automatically selects the “Music” folder when adding a source folder

Version 3.0.0
    • Revolutionary easy-to-use user interface in Cover Flow style
    • Find missing or better-quality artwork for your albums
    • Fully featured artwork editor with powerful tools
    • Print CD booklets and tray inserts with professionally-designed templates
    • See albums with missing or incomplete artwork at a glance
    • Supports iTunes and music libraries stored in separate folders
    • Automatically synchronize covers with iPod, iPhone, Apple TV via iTunes
    • Automatically search for missing artwork
    • Totally new search engine for Wal-Mart, Amazon and Google Images
    • Web search with automatic image detection to apply cover art with a single click
    • Customize web search URLs to obtain artwork from even more sources
    • Search artwork for multiple albums at once
    • Automatically apply artwork based on customizable criteria
    • Edit even existing album artwork from your music library
    • Automatically select white frames for cropping album art
    • Crop to custom pre-defined cover sizes
    • Brush up album artwork with frames
    • Automatically adjust color levels
    • Capture album artwork using iSight
    • Edit album title, artist and other information with the integrated editor

Version 2.3.10
    • Problems where only the first cover of an album have been updated, have been fixed
    • The iTunes 8 compatibility has been improved

    Now available: CoverScout 3!

    Now your albums will really rock - CoverScout 3 makes your covers flow
    Now with a sleek and intuitive new interface and a host of new features, it's even easier to find great quality art for your music library

    Get the free trial for CoverScout 3 here!

    Revolutionary User Interface
    CoverScout 3 has a totally reworked user interface based on Cover Flow

    More Search Power
    CoverScout 3 searches all internet sources at once, i.e. on WalMart, Amazon and Google Images and allows you to add your own sources

    Automatic Apply Artwork
    CoverScout takes all the work out of applying cover art according to your set preferences

    Editor Your Artwork
    With the new built-in cover editor you can crop, rotate, frame, resize and adjust levels to give all your covers that little something extra

    Complete Your CD-Collection
    Print out your cool new covers with several predefined templates and pre-cut label templates like Avery, Zweckform and Herlitz


Version 2.3.9
    • Improved compatibility with iTunes 8 library
    • Better album cover display in the iTunes 8 Gri View
    • Improved search on Amazon websites

Version 2.3.8
    • Now also compatible with iTunes 7.7.1
    • Product activation has been optimized for high-latency internet connections
    • Minor changes in the user interface to improve usability

Version 2.3.7
    • Locating the iTunes library has been improved. The setting will now be read from the iTunes preferences
    • Compatibility with iTunes 7.6.2 has been improved
    • The Amazon search plugin has been improved
    • The overall stability has been improved

Version 2.3.6
    • Problems with iTunes 7.6 or newer have been resolved
    • CoverScout now starts iTunes on Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) correctly
    • Various components have been updated to improve overall stability

Version 2.3.5
    • Google Search now supports Safari 3 beta
    • Improved compatibility with iTunes 7.3.2
    • Integrated clipboard preserves the quality of stored images much better

Version 2.3.4
    • CoverScout detects Safari 3.0.2 and displays a warning. Safari 3.0.2 is incompatible with most applications using Apple\'s web framework
    • Added compatibility checks to Google Images search

Version 2.3.3
    • New: Support for new library filename format in iTunes 7.2
    • Improved image caching mechanism for more reliable assignments
    • Performance tweaks for Amazon searches
    • Added a warning for users of Safari 3 Public Beta when using Google Image search

Version 2.3.2
    • iTunes 7.2 is fully supported
    • CoverScout is now working correctly on machines running Mac OS 10.3.9 and recent versions of iTunes

Version 2.3.1
    • Improved: Searches at Amazon now return more and better results due to a new search engine
    • Improved: The update process has been streamlined to allow for automated updates
    • Improved: Support for compilations has been extended
    • Improved: CoverScout now offers full compatibility with non-US Amazon websites
    • CoverScout will display an informative warning message if no iTunes library is found

Version 2.3.0
    • New: Artwork can be cropped, rotated and scaled using the built-in image editor
    • New: CoverScout supports any QuickTimeTM compatible camera - covers can be captured and applied
    • with just a few mouse clicks
    • Improved: The status filter has been reworked and extended
    • Manual cover changes applied in iTunes are now displayed correctly in CoverScout

Version 2.2.0
    • New: CoverScout copies proprietary iTunes covers to your music files (as standard ID3 tags)
    • New: Both the current cover status and the cover type (Cover Flow vs. ID3) are displayed in the library browser
    • Reliability of cover display and assignment has been approved (iTunes 7)
    • Encoding of search strings for Google Images has been revised and extended
    • Compilations are now handled transparently as having no particular artist
    • A common bug related to AppleScript has been fixed

Version 2.1.1
    • New: CoverScout now offers compatibility with the CoverFlow feature of iTunes 7, displaying both standard and cached covers in the artwork inspector
    • Improved: The album filter has been extended to reflect the new options of iTunes 7
    • Following Apple's move to close the interface to the iTunes Store, all references to this resource have been removed from CoverScout
    • Assignment issues caused by the changed library format in iTunes 7 are fixed in this release
    • The application's overall stability has been improved

Version 2.1.0
    • New: The preview size in the artwork inspector can be changed with the integrated size slider
    • New: Music files can now be revealed in Finder via a contextual menu item
    • New: Music files can now be played in iTunes via a contextual menu item
    • Improved: The search field now allows to specify any combination of album and artist name - maximal flexibility for your searches!
    • Improved: CoverScout will now warn before removing covers in bulk
    • Improved: Covers will not be applied upside-down (flipped) anymore
    • Improved: CoverScout can now be deactivated from within the application (to transfer the license to another Mac)
    • Improved: When applying large sets covers in bulk, CoverScout will not throw AppleScript errors anymore
    • Improved: The clipboard scrolling has been optimized such that covers are reliable dropped into the correct clipboard slot

Version 2.0.0