Time to be mobile. Even for newsletters
How well are your newsletters received?
When and where do you prefer to read your newsletters? In this day and age, every second email is read on the go. Newsletters should always look their best. With Mail Designer Pro, that's never a problem.
Newsletters? Teamwork!

You can easily work on a single document with multiple colleagues. Lend the newsletter to the graphic designers to pep-up the graphics. After it’s been returned, you can lend it to the editors to add the appropriate text. You can also include annotations before lending or returning the newsletter. Every change is documented by Mail Designer Pro. 

Creative designs without the hurdles of technical know-how
You're looking to create newsletters but just don't know where to start? Forget about HTML! With Mail Designer Pro you can easily create incredible newsletters without having to enroll in programing classes! 
Mac App of the Week: Mail Designer Pro
“Mail Designer Pro is a must-have OS X app for anyone with a small business or even medium- to large-sized companies with small marketing departments and budgets.”
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Designing emails for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

While huge screens are nothing new in the Android world, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are the first smartphones that will have mass consumer adoption and also have best-in-class support for responsive emails. So what does this mean for us email designers? Pixels vs. Points First, it’s important to understand how the new... read more

Back to Business – Mail Designer 2.0.2 Update with a productive gift

Surprise! Our latest version Mail Designer version 2.0.2 comes with a free design idea called „Meeting“ – ideal for business mails and other correspondence. Of course we also improved the performance of the app and fixed a couple of small bugs, too. Have fun! Download the new version 2.0.2 here.

Getting to know your new Mail Designer 2?

Be sure to check out our latest videos on our new Mail Designer tutorial site.  Our user tips will help you create better newsletters and emails. We’ll show you; how to  import your Mail Designer 1 templates, the variety of ways you can send your design, how to include animated graphics, or how to link and embed... read more