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Take control

Use your Mac keyboard or remote control (using keyboard keystroke simulation) to control MediaCentral.

Default Activation/Deactivation
Shift + ESC
Volume Down +
Volume Up -
Toggle mute volume *
Quitting MediaCentral Command-Q
Select next list entry Down Arrow
Select previous list entry  
Up Arrow
Expand this entry Return or right arrow
Parent Menu ESC or left arrow
[A-Z] Jump to first entry starting with this letter
Close DVD player ESC
Enter menu item Return
Move up
Up Arrow
Move down Down Arrow
Move left Left Arrow
Move right
Right Arrow
Previous Chapter Left Arrow
Next Chapter Right Arrow
Return to movie R
Go to last menu M
Cycle Audio stream A
Cycle Subpicture stream S
Toggle Play/Pause Spacebar
Toggle OSD Display O
Close movie player ESC
Toggle Play/Pause Spacebar
Cycle Audio stream A
Skip Backward Left Arrow
Skip Arrow Right Arrow
Toggle OSD Display O
Display/Hide Subtitles S
Close music player ESC
Toggle Play/Pause Spacebar
Previous Song Left Arrow
Next Song Right Arrow
Skip Backward Shift + Left Arrow
Skip Forward Shift + Right Arrow
Start Slideshow Return
Pause/Play Slideshow Spacebar
Next Picture Right Arrow
Previous Picture Left Arrow
Live Television  
Next Channel Up Arrow
Previous Channel Down Arrow

The hot key just got hotter

Your predefined MediaCentral hot key will not only start your entertainment experience but it will also bring it to a close.