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If you miss the simplicity of Front Row to watch your extensive collection of ripped DVDs on the big screen of your TV, MediaCentral is the app for you.

Along with watching movies, MediaCentral makes it easy to listen to music, flip through your photos, watch clips on YouTube, tune in to any number of online TV stations, and much more: all from one simple interface.

Highlights and features

• Watch IP TV channels

• Watch TV (requires TV hardware)*

• DVDs
Onscreen controls for your DVD playback

• Radio
Choose your favorite IP radio station
Supports formats for IP radio: Shoutcast / Quicktime

• Pictures
Showcase your iPhoto library
Access the best flickr streams
And more


• Movies
Supported Codes: AVI, DivX, DV Files, Xvid, MP3, AC3 codecs, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 Displays Subtitles via SRT

• Music
Access playlists of your iTunes library
Displays cover art of your music
Play all your local or network music content


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* Requires a compatible USB TV receiver device.