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Soft Drinks and Popcorn not included

MediaCentral turns your Mac into the ultimate home theatre system: Enjoy movies, TV shows, IP TV, music, photos and more – right on your Mac.

Why MediaCentral?

Everybody who wants more than just DVDs, iPhoto-pictures and iTunes content combined in one application, needs to check out MediaCentral.

What's included in MediaCentral?

MediaCentral supports numerous popular audio and video formats, IP TV, digital TV, movies, DVD, IP radio, pictures and music. Turn your Mac into a media center.

MediaCentral and TubeStick

What's a media center without TV reception? MediaCentral supports the TV-software The Tube and seamlessly integrates TubeStick. Even TV programs that have been recorded with The Tube can be viewed in MediaCentral.

Be entertained and be informed

MediaCentral has been enhanced to provide you with more information about its content. An active Onscreen display (OSD) - which can be displayed or hidden with a single keystroke ("i") - displays content-related background information. It's easy to handle and extremely useful, especially when watching movie trailers or IP TV. Very convenient: MediaCentral shows all EPG information for the current program too.

Individual User Interface

Personalize the look of MediaCentral by choosing from a list of color schemes, like Deep Blue, Windows :-), Classic, Pacific Coast, Tequila Sunrise and others, or even create your own preferred color characteristics. Adjust MediaCentral to suit your tastes.

It's all about you

Build your own media library with "My MediaCentral". Just add your favorite pictures, songs, movies, flash games or animations and TV streams to give your digital theater a personal touch.

Widen your perspective

TV shows are often broadcast in a 4:3 aspect ratio, movies in 16:9 or 16:10, and sometimes even in 20:9. MediaCentral handles all of these without fuss. Just choose the best ratio for your setup.


"If you want to have a Mac in your living room and find Front Row too restricting, MediaCentral fills the gap perfectly." (MacUser)

Play while you work

MediaCentral supports three window sizes in addition to the full-screen mode. A menu bar and hot-keys have been integrated to make changing between the small, medium, large and full-screen modes even easier.

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