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What's new in MediaCentral 2?

Read about MediaCentral's stunning new features. It includes a lot of great functions which really elevate your media experiences.

Skype Integration - Keep in Touch

Have you just seen a great new movie that, you know, a friend would truly enjoy? Give them a call and let them know - all that from within MediaCentral. The seamlessly integrated Skype feature makes it possible: You can easily view all of your buddies and even place and accept calls from within MediaCentral. As your buddies change their status it will be displayed as well. All of your friends will be shown - including the invisible ones - making it easier for you to get in-touch with them.

You're watching TV? The music is playing? Great, because no matter what you're doing, you can always accept and reject calls using the integrated on-screen display.

Skype likes MediaCentral's integration
"We're delighted that equinux, one of the most high-profile Mac software vendors, is integrating Skype into their latest release of MediaCentral. As the internet communications market continues to grow, more and more people are using Skype to do more than just make voice calls over the internet. The future for how people use the internet to communicate is limitless", says Jaanus Kase, Community Marketing Manager at Skype.


MediaCentral supports a variety of online TV Streams from all corners of the globe. It comes with plenty of pre-loaded IP TV stations from almost everywhere.

Online Content

equinux will deliver fresh content to your Mac. New movie trailers, wallpapers, radio and TV stations will keep your MediaCentral up to date. Depending on your preferred language, you'll get updated with German or English content. Nicht schlecht, was?

Youtube and more!

After scouring the web for great video clips, we have incorporated many of the most popular media clips from YouTube and many others. Just open up MediaCentral and browse through the videos. And don't worry: The lists are automatically updated so you won't miss a clip!

You decide what's important to you

Did you ever want the games section to be on top of the menu list? You don't need the radio feature? No problem - you can now easily activate and deactivate MediaCentral's menu items and even rearrange their order. Customization at its best.

Be entertained and be informed

MediaCentral has been enhanced to provide you with more information about its content. An active Onscreen display (OSD) - which can be displayed or hidden with a single keystroke ("i") - displays content-related background information. It's easy to handle and extremely useful, especially when watching movie trailers or IP TV. Very convenient: MediaCentral shows all EPG information for the current program too.

It's all about you

Build your own media library with "My MediaCentral". Just add your favorite pictures, songs, movies, flash games or animations and TV streams to give your digital theater a personal touch.

Play while you work

MediaCentral supports three window sizes in addition to the full-screen mode. A menu bar and hot-keys have been integrated to make changing between the small, medium, large and full-screen modes even easier.

DVB-T makes MediaCentral Live

DVB-T is a terrestrial wireless television standard that is taking Europe, Asia and Africa by storm. MediaCentral has been designed to function with a variety of small, portable DVB-T USB adapters. Have a look at the DVB-T devices compatible with MediaCentral.

Know what's on

For those using a supported DVB-T device, MediaCentral offers you an electronic program guide (EPG). Know exactly what's on, what will be on and even get the latest program information. MediaCentral's TV category has you covered.

TV Assistant

Use MediaCentral's TV Engine to easily access TubeStick hybrid and automatically get all available channels  within MediaCentral: The stylish TV receiver switches fast and simple through the program and it opens doors that were previously blocked for Mac-users.

iTune your Videos

Access your favorite iTunes videocasts from MediaCentral's movie menu. Whatever you're into - cartoons, technology, medicine, or anything else for that matter, you now have complete access to all your saved videocasts directly from MediaCentral.

Windows Media Support has been Flipped

MediaCentral now supports external Windows Media plug-ins. Simply install the plug-in and MediaCentral will use it.

Get the gist while you wait

If you view a Movie Trailer that requires you to wait as the trailer loads, MediaCentral will present a brief plot description of the film to keep you entertained while you wait.

Access VIDEO_TS folders on your local computer or local network

Whether they are stored locally or in your network - VIDEO_TS folders can be easily linked into MediaCentral. Since VIDEO_TS are essentially backups of DVDs, you will find these films in MediaCentral's DVD menu.

Even More Control

Play, Pause, Skip, Rewind or even adjust the playback speed of any DVD or VIDEO_TS files you are viewing. MediaCentral makes it easy to slow things down or really speed up your movies playback - from 1/8 to to 32 times the original playback speed.

Stop and Go

Even if you quit MediaCentral and turn off your Mac, MediaCentral will remember where you left off in that exciting DVD. So if it's time to go to work, school or just a short bathroom break - MediaCentral has got you covered.

Get Interactive

Play your all-time classic arcade and action games in full-screen resolution within MediaCentral. Control your game with all supported remotes from Apple Remote to ATI Remote Wonder.

All that Jazz and more

MediaCentral offers a wide range of radio stations. From Jazz to Rock, Funk to Hip Hop, you're sure to find something to match your taste. Now everyone can find the perfect station to match their style and mood.

Music Videos are here as well

MediaCentral's online content function gives you access to some of the greatest music videos. From Alicia Keys to Warren Zevon, MediaCentral has you covered. You can also expect this list to grow just like all of MediaCentral's online content. So sit down, tune into the "Music" category and enjoy.

Pictures and Music and Music and Pictures

Haven't you always wanted to listen to your favorite tracks while enjoying pictures from your latest holidays? MediaCentral makes it possible.

Picture Feeds

Enjoy the web from its most beautiful perspective. MediaCentral offers a wide range of high-quality online picture feeds which get updated constantly. We're sure that some will match your interests.

Supported Devices

MediaCentral is fully compatible with selected DVB-T receivers and remote controls. Use these devices to elevate your media enjoyment. Please follow this link to view a list of compatible devices.

Serve locally - or use a network server

All your favorite media content can - of course - be stored directly on your Mac. You don't have enough free space? No problem: Just go ahead and create a media repository on a network server and put an alias in your "My MediaCentral" folder that refers to the content. MediaCentral will recognize the aliases and play the files - wherever they are stored.


MediaCentral is a truly multi-talented application: Enter any disc containing pictures, videos and music to have it automatically analyzed. The content will be displayed in the appropriate categories. Isn't that intuitive?