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Does your music library need a face lift? Get the SongGenie treatment with titles, artists and lyrics. SongGenie identifies unknown titles, completes missing fields and helps you clean up your song info. You can even search the web for lyrics and apply them to your music.

Enjoy a perfect music collection
Find lyrics for your songs

No more guessing and no more misheard lyrics. Display your favorite songs with lyrics on your iPhone or just about any iPod too.

“SongGenie is one of the FEW programs that provide song lyrics.”

- Chris Moody, USA

Analyze your music library

See which tracks are missing lyrics, song info or cover art. The new indicator shows how close you are to collection perfection.

Tidy titles, typos and song info

Are you all worked up over incorrect track info and too many genres? SongGenie will help you freshen your tunes right up.

“SongGenie and CoverScout are precision tools for the music enthusiast”

- Peter Hesen, Netherlands

Identify unknown songs

Figure out the names of unknown songs. SongGenie creates an acoustic fingerprint and tries to find out all available track info.