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Dreaming of a perfect music collection? Make your dreams come true with SongGenie 2. Add lyrics to your songs, clean up that never-ending list of genres and get a better picture of what's missing from your library. Lovin' your music? You'll love SongGenie ...

Take your music beyond artists and titles

Lyrics for your tunes

Lie back and relax as SongGenie searches for your song lyrics. Apply with a click and you'll have it on iTunes, your iPhone or your iPod as soon as the song starts - make it pop!

Search lyrics on the web

Obscure lyrics can be found with a simple web search. To input lyrics, all you need to do is hover over the text and click - that's all it takes to apply those rarities.


Enjoy a perfect music collection

Whip your genres into shape

Can't keep on top of your music genres? SongGenie is here to help: Fetch ID3-tag standard genres and apply them to your music files.

Fill out your song info

Edit song information for all your tracks in SongGenie, including those shown your iPhone or iPod touch - add composers, comments or compilations.

Status indicator for your library

Check which tracks are missing info with the three-guitar rating system. Sort by songs that are missing either titles, cover art or lyrics. The new status indicator bar highlights how complete your entire collection is.

Sort your library, however you wish

When it comes to sorting your music collection, SongGenie lets you work however you want: sort by the metadata quality, by size or resolution of your cover art, or whether lyrics are present. In fact, sort by any field shown in iTunes.

Play the track in SongGenie

Not sure if you're seeing the correct track info? Then just have a listen and find out. Play each song directly in SongGenie and sing along to your new-found lyrics.

Check your album art quality

It's hard to know which cover art images are good enough quality. SongGenie rates your images based on size and resolution, so you can achieve iTunes perfection with CoverScout.

You asked, we did it:
  1. More track information
  2. Add lyrics to any song
  3. Support for AIFF format
  4. Specify search criteria
  5. More search filters
  6. Sort by iTunes category
  7. Ignore podcasts