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Watch. Chat. Record. Go.

It's time to regain control of your favorite TV programs. Compatible with 42 TV receivers, The Tube will decode and deliver your favorite TV shows right to your Mac and iPhone as well.


Watch free-to-air digital TV (DTT) stream Live TV to your iPhone, record it and watch it later - even on the go. Pause live TV (Timeshift) and intelligently resize your TV window (Smart Zoom).


TubeStick connects the TV community with its TubeTalk live-chat. Join a chat about the current TV show and chat with other TV viewers within The Tube. You can even see what percentage of The Tube viewers are watching each available channel.


No need to be at your computer - The Tube lets you schedule your recordings. The adjustable Timeshift buffer allows you to jump back to the beginning of a TV show to start a recording from the moment you started watching.


When the time comes to hit the road, you can easily take any of your recordings with you on your iPod or iPhone. If you forget to schedule a program, just whip out your iPhone and visit TubeToGo. You can do more than just schedule recordings, with a high-speed connection you can view and manage your TV recordings directly from your iPhone or even Safari web-browser.

Run The Tube with your TV device

You already have a TV receiver and want to benefit from the stunning feature set of The Tube... The Tube now supports a lot of other TV receivers. Find out, if your device is on the list of compatible devices.

Roars with Lion
When it comes to the new cat in town, you have nothing to worry about. The Tube and TubeStick have been optimized for Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. In fact we have found that it runs better on Lion than any other prior Mac operating system.