Publish your Recordings to a Web Gallery

What in the world is TubeToGo?

TubeToGo is a free-of-charge webservice for The Tube TV software. TubeToGo allows you to watch your TV recordings online, schedule recordings with your iPhone or iPod touch and remotely manage your library.

TubeToGo is that easy...

TubeToGo is really easy to use, just open The Tube, go to the preference pane and simply activate TubeToGo with the slider. You can choose your MobileMe account or use any other FTP server as online storage for your videos.

Publish TV recordings

If you want to publish one of your existing recordings from your library to your web gallery, select "Publish recording" in the context menu - that's it. TubeToGo now starts to export yor recording and uploads it to your selected web space. You'll find your web gallery online with the following URL: (followed by your individual equinux ID).

Watch your Recordings on the Go

To watch your recordings on your iPhone or iPod touch, you just have to type in this URL into your safari web-browser. Now you can choose your favorite show by touching the small preview image within the show details to start playing. Note: If playback of the recording is slow or stopping inbetween, your internet connection might be to slow. Please try a faster WiFi connection to watch your recording.