TubeTalk - more than just a Chatterbox

With TubeTalk, television is more than just watching shows. You can chat with others about Matt Lauer's horrible tie on the Today Show or guess the answers in "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?".

Watching TV as a Happening

With TubeTalk, you can join a chat about the current TV show and chat with other TV viewers. Discuss the ins and outs of your favorite shows and more. The Tube provides a chat room for every TV channel in your list. All you need is your equinux ID and you're all set to chat.

Create your Profile

To help you to communicate better with your buddies online, you can create a profile that can be customized with your very own nickname, picture and status. and the search engine allows you to search for other users. Are you Kelly123, avid Lost viewer? Or are you Jason342, Sports Center fanatic? Whoever you are, express it with your new TubeTalk profile.

Add your friends to your Buddylist

Search for all your TV Buddies by name and add them to your Buddy list! That way, you'll be able to see them whenever they're on and chat with them about the twists and turns of this week's episode. To join a TubeTalk chat out of the buddy list, just click on the channel name beside your buddy and start chatting your heart out.

Who has the highest ratings today?

See how many percent are currently TubeTalking about a particular TV program in your channel list. You can directly join a chat by clicking on the bubble next to the name of the TV channel. The bubble will twinkle as soon as someone sends a new message in your active TubeTalk chat.