Map your Network

Map your network

Visualize your network with Spot Maps in a unique style. Create maps of your network simply by dragging and dropping your network devices. Map your network floor by floor, visualize your server architecture, group all your entertainment devices and much more.
Add typical network objects

  • Network Access Points
  • WiFi hotspots
  • Server, switches, hubs
  • Cloud storage
  • much more

Create multiple maps of your network

  • Sort by tasks i.e. printers, server
  • Locations
  • Floors
  • VPNs


Graphical tools

  • Automatically connect devices
  • Lock items into place
  • Move objects to front or background
  • Set transparency
  • Choose background color
  • Label network devices

Sharing maps

  • Export as PDF, JPEG, PNG
  • Share via Mail, AirDrop, Messages
  • Print network maps


Find your network devices

Look up your network for available devices. Add custom settings for network services and scan for active devices. Spot Maps reflects our many years of experience developing network solutions for OS X.
Find devices via Wi-Fi, Ethernet and VPN

  • Macs / PCs
  • iPhones
  • iPads
  • Printers
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS)
  • Routers and other network devices

Device detection

  • Autodetect operating systems
  • Sort by operating system, services and availability
  • Name resolution via DNS and Bonjour



Network Control Center

Make Spot Maps your interactive control center for everything network. Switch to Live mode to start monitoring your devices. Spot Maps indicates the state of your network devices visually in your maps. Find and access the services you need: open an SSH tunnel, start a screen sharing session, or pull up a config webpage – right from your map.
Live Monitoring

  • Real-time update of network devices
  • Interactively display state changes
  • Detect when devices go offline
  • Notification Center integration
  • High contrast visual Live mode

Direct access to devices

  • Find open services on network devices
  • Automatically launches config tools
  • Double click to access services
  • Add notes to every device