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Add 111 high-quality stationery templates to Mail in Mac OS X. Send holiday greetings, invitations, birthday cards, congratulations and much more. Enhance your email with Stationery Pack!

A greeting card for every occasion
Update friends & family

Share what's happening in your life with those you care most about. There's a perfect greeting card for every occasion in Stationery Pack.

“I've used Stationary Pack for more than three years now, and it's my default way of sending personal messages...It's my favorite app on my iMac.”

- Philip John, USA

Send out your invites

When its time to party, no matter how big or how small, send an invite to get the party started.

Templates for business

Get down to business with our business-themed greetings. There's always room for a smart looking email design for a business letter.

“I have really enjoyed the stationary - both for personal use and business. I could not have created professional looking emails on my own! ... I love my stationary.”

- Anjalika Agarwala, USA

Attention to detail

Every email template is mouse crafted by master craftsmen using both found art and unique self-made creations.