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Take your search far beyond iTunes
Detects missing covers

As soon as CoverScout sees a gray gap in your Cover Flow, it begins an automatic search of the leading online music collections: Amazon, WalMart and Google Images. Within seconds, it offers you an array of cover art choices.

A score

What's new? CoverScout scours the web searching a variety of international music catalogs including those from Amazon, Walmart and Google Images. CoverScout 3 sources, include:

  • Walmart
  • Google Images
  • Amazon USA
  • Amazon Germany
  • Amazon France
  • Amazon Great Britain
  • Amazon Canada
  • Amazon Japan

Browse with Cover Flow

Spot missing cover art by flipping through your music collection with the Cover Flow feature.

It's all here – fully-automated searching

Filter by covered albums, albums with incomplete covers, and albums without covers. CoverScout detects incomplete albums as those containing some songs without covers. Use existing covers from the album with a simple drag-and-drop.

  • Minimum-size for your album art
  • Maximum-size
  • Refine to square images
  • Various sources
  • Auto-apply the first cover
  • Auto-apply the biggest cover
  • Apply only when a suitable cover is found

Search the web

There's no limit to CoverScout's searching capabilities: The web search function gives you the opportunity to search your favorite websites as well.

Compare album art quality

CoverScout rates every album found from 5 stars to 1, meaning you can choose the best album art available.

“I have installed and activated CoverScout and it is working as well as ever, especially in concert with SongGenie.”

- William Lewis, UK

Smooth SongGenie integration

Music library full of "Unknown Albums", "Unknown Artists" and "Track 01.mp3"? SongGenie 2 can correct typos, fill in missing info and name your albums. Jump to SongGenie from any track or album.

Filter by compilation

Even those pesky compilation albums can be covered with ease. Just use the compilation filter to focus on the particular tracks you're interested in.

Apply artwork to all your albums
Choose the cover for you

Browse through the array of album art that CoverScout has located and select the one you like the best. Click, apply and carry on.

Store and apply covers from the clipboard

When browsing through different searches, you can place your favorite covers in the clipboard to use later. Just drag and drop the cover onto your selected album in CoverScout at any time.

Apply artwork automatically

Think CoverScout should do all the work for you? No problem. Album covers can be automatically applied to your library according to your set criteria. Tell CoverScout what to do and she will fix it.

“CoverScout is a blessing, by the way... It was so simple to complete my iTunes album artwork. Fire and forget!”

- Phil, UK

Quick Look for a better view

Click on the image and tap the space bar to see your covers in their full glory. A Quick Look window appears that allows you to see the cover full size.

Add artwork straight to the file

CoverScout automatically copies all your iTunes artwork currently stored in the iTunes covers folder to the ID3 tag of your music file.

“I like the fact that they're not solely an iTunes plugin, but standalone products that will work outside of the iTunes music folder.”

- Peter Hesen, Netherlands

Use independently of iTunes

iTunes saves your cover art in a library separately to the music file. When you move or archive your library, album covers can be lost. Instead, CoverScout automatically copies all the artwork to each music file.

Edit your covers with precision
Rotate and crop, straighten and scale

If your covers don't look right, flip and chop 'em to make 'em right. Straighten & scale to your preferred size and get your covers exactly as you want.

Fine-tune your colors

Adjust the brightness and contrast of your cover art with the sliders and RGB chart, or let CoverScout do the work for you, just like your favorite image editors.

White borders? No worries.

Some covers come with a white border. Select the cover, click edit then crop, and CoverScout will automatically find where your cover begins and ends.

Take a pic with iSight

Grab your album and take a snap with your iSight camera. Use the cover editor to crop, straighten and adjust the color of your image.

A new light

CoverScout is like no other - give your old covers a whole new life. Edit and refine any or all your covers regardless of their origin - make them shine.

“The album art editor in CoverScout is awesome!”

- Peter Hesen, Netherlands

Print your own covers & inserts
Choose your cover style

You can easily print a single or double-sided CD booklet, as well as the front and back of a CD Jewel case. When it comes to cutting, don't worry: we've included the crop marks to take out the guess work.

Use standard paper formats

Just select a template and print. CoverScout offers three of the world's most popular Jewel case paper templates:

  • Avery 6693
  • Avery Zweckform J8431
  • Herlitz 10416774


“It takes me back to a time when holding a vinyl LP and reading liner notes was a big part of "the experience". For that I commend you for a fine program for us geeks.”

- Bob Ellis, USA