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"iSale is the first 'auction creator' to fully meet my needs"

For John P. McNeal iSale was the key to building his own internet business. The over 50 music lover couldn‘t compete with his former brick-and-mortar store. As soon as he started using his first Mac together with iSale, he switched his business to eBay and has been selling on eBay for the past six years.

"In order to reach the world through auction style ads, I tried an array of 'auction creators'.
One-by-one they all fell short. Some worked well for a while but they all seemed unable to keep up with the speed of business and eBay.

"eBay fails and iSale excels"

Things change like catagories, styles, postal rates, rules and so on – and none of them could adjust to make their product ("auction creators") suit the auction market's needs. iSale is the first 'auction creator' to meet my needs fully. It even gives me a myriad of options to personalise my sales. It lets me customise each auction to suit the item being sold, while maintaining its professional look. Auction space clutter and needless steps are left out. That's where eBay fails and iSale excels.

"iSale has helped me greatly"

Customer Service isn't a term to take lightly. Nowadays it's essential. Any success I've had over the Internet in the past has been thanks to my ability to convey my wants and needs to the buyers. Better put: I can be both convincing and assertive without getting too pushy. The buyer should still of course make the final decision
and should always feel that the decision they make is the best for them.
iSale has also greatly helped me by putting a fresh look to the regular eBay format used by all other sellers.