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iSale takes your auction from beginning to end. Starting with the design and layout, followed by collecting product information, previewing the item on eBay and finally your after sales service. iSale has you covered.
Design your auctions with templates and drop zones
Get higher bids with quality templates

iSale provides you with 222 professional templates for eBay auctions. Pick the templates that suit your items best to achieve higher bids with impressive presentation.

“I have been using iSale for years and have depended on it solely for selling on eBay. Very eye catching templates and easy to use.”

- Francie, USA

Change layouts to your taste

Edit the layout of every iSale template according to your needs. In iSale it's up to you how your auctions are designed: Pictures, text boxes, videos - create your own layout just by dragging-and-dropping.

Embed your own videos

iSale supports six popular video upload websites. Uploading videos is entirely free using supported websites, such as:

  • YouTube
  • Google Video
  • MySpace
  • AOL Video
  • My Video

Existing Mobile Me customers can use their upload service too.

Preview on eBay

iSale's Style Preview gives you a good sense of eBay's existing layout, granting you the opportunity to maximize the effectiveness of your listing. Consider this a "Print Preview" for eBay.

Re-use your best content

Save time by creating boilerplates for your title, intro, item description, payment, shipping and footer. Re-use your standard text for all auctions without needing to type it out each time.

Save money on picture fees

Avoid picture-hosting fees on eBay with iSale. Upload pictures to a free Picasa Web Albums account or any other FTP-server.

“The drag and drop picture placement / integration with Aperture is WONDERFUL!!”

- Jason Degenhardt, USA

Add images from iPhoto and Aperture

No matter which application you prefer, iSale has access to your preferred image library so you can stay organized. You can even just drag and drop photos from folders on your computer. Use iSale with the following applications:

  • iPhoto
  • Aperture
  • PhotoBooth
  • iSight

Collect your product information

“Before purchasing iSale, I demoed GarageSale; yours is the superior product.”

- Tomas Jones, USA

Research Assistant

Research Assistant finds images and descriptions for the items you want to sell. Save the information for later reference or send it straight to your auction template.

Schedule your auctions with Smart Date

Plan your auctions around your schedule. If you know your potential customers are sitting in front of their computers on Sunday night, set iSale to determine the right start date for you. eBay's Smart Date feature lets you determine when exactly your auctions will start and finish.

Import auctions into iSale

You can easily import .CSV format information to iSale, whether it's a backup from a previous auction or a new auction created in your personal database. iSale can also import any of your actions created with Turbolister.

Import from Delicious Library

iSale imports descriptions and images of your books, CDs and DVDs from Delicious Library. So now you can finally clear some shelf space and make a little room for your new additions.

Use multiple eBay accounts

Easily manage and edit all your accounts with iSale, whether for you, your partner or your kids. Even better, there's no need to switch accounts to update the status of all your families auctions. Items from all eBay accounts can be seen in the auctions list.

Use eBay's item specifics

eBay's Item Specifics are the extra fields you can fill in for certain categories. For example, if you're selling a computer, you can specify amount of RAM, which operating system and more.

Import from FileMaker

iSale provides the option to create an auction right from your FileMaker product list. It's never been easier to manage your online business so intuitively and seamlessly.

Different ways to import

iSale uses plugins to import from the following sources:

  • FileMaker Databases
  • Delicious Library
  • CSV Data
  • Turbolister Auctions

Manage your auctions in one place
Check on all your auctions

Find all your current bid prices and highest bidders in one place. Finished auctions are marked for your attention, and iSale will even retrieve the winning bidder's name, address, and e-mail.

Cancel running auctions

Already sold an item before the auction is over? iSale lets you can cancel an auction. Just give eBay a reason why and you'll be on your way.

Re-list unsold items

If one your items fails to sell, click the "Prepare for Relisting" button and try again. You can improve your existing auction info and resubmit. If the item is sold the second time, eBay refunds the original fees.

Integrate auctions with iCal

iSale sends your auction information to iCal in a customized calendar file. With a quick glance at your calendar, you can keep track of when to send invoices.

Auctions at a glance with Pinboard

The iSale Pinboard offers you a more visual approach to viewing your auction list. In addition to displaying the primary auction image, it will also let you know which auctions are drafts, running and finished.

Handle your eBay shops

No matter how many eBay shops you're running, with iSale, you can handle them all. iSale 5 displays your shop hierarchy, making it easy to sort and place your listings in your preferred shops and shop categories.

Share auctions on Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular and fastest growing websites on the Web. Why not share your eBay auctions with all your Facebook friends?

Group your auctions

Create groups to help organize your auctions. Groups are like folders into which you can manually drag specific auctions. Smart Groups let you to create folders based on parameters such as price, date or category.

“Right now in my iSale is 152 running/drafted auctions broken up into about 10 different libraries. I also have 8 libraries full of 250 archived auctions that have sold or ended. We keep these to make it easier to relist similar items in the future”

- Jason Degenhardt, USA

Follow progress with the dashboard widget

iSale's Dashboard Widget displays the auction's Watch Count, Hit Count, Highest Bid and Feedback from the highest bidder. Keep up to date on your auctions without even loading iSale.

After sales service for you and your buyers
Your after sales workflow

Jump directly from iSale to eBay to easily give feedback about your selling experience. On clicking the link, iSale automatically marks the “Feedback Left” box, thereby completing your auction.

Locate your buyers

Find out where your buyers are located in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Belgium. Just click the Location button and a Google map will appear with the location of all your current buyers.

Mail integration via Spotlight

iSale searches all e-mails related to a specific auction and displays them in the "Sales Status and Memo" window. Stay up-to-date and correspond with bidders more efficiently. iSale's Mail feature is brought to you by Spotlight for Mac OS X Leopard and Snow Leopard.

Print your own labels

iSale offers label printing on all Dymo LabelWriters. Just select, print and you're. If you wish to label an item with its auction data, just select the "Label - Item Info" layout from the print screen.

“Sometimes the buyer requests an alternative posting address in the Paypal payment note so this was another area I was looking into [for iSale].”

- Seppi Evans, UK

View your auctions in a spreadsheet

iSale can export any of your auctions as a CSV file, which can be opened in any spreadsheet program. You can also use this to back up your auctions and easily import them back into iSale at a later date.