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More creativity for your emails
Creative solutions that make your business day easier
Mail Designer Pro

Mail Designer Pro lets you create newsletters with a responsive design for both desktop and mobile devices. A mobile preview makes it easier to optimize your newsletter design for a variety of different mobile devices.

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Responsive Mail Design for mobile
Mail Designer

Email is the core of digital communication. Thanks to smartphones, every second person is constantly available by email. It's more important than ever to create newsletters that boldly stand out from the others. Mail Designer makes it quick and easy to give your emails a professional look. Ideal for: newsletters, info mails, sales and offers, portfolios etc...

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Create emails & stationery
Stationery Business Edition

How many dull offers, newsletters, and bills land in your inbox daily? Set yours apart from the rest with Stationery Business Edition, and give your emails an attractive and professional look. Choose from 12 different design lines and include a personal touch: your logo, personal signature, footnote in your handwriting, disclaimer, and much more ...

Corporate Design for emails
Team & Business

Pretty much everything these days, including meetings, conferences, and even phone calls, are organized and scheduled via email. We offer more than 40
ideas for your digital communications
concerning meetings, memos, trade
shows and more.

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