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Analyze your music collection

See exactly what your song is missing

SongGenie provides a quick indicator of each song. With the three guitar rating, you can quickly see if a song is missing title information, cover art or lyrics.

“I've tried a dozen different utilities for adding song info, lyrics and artwork to my iTunes tracks over the years, and none compare to the dynamic duo of SongGenie and CoverScout.”

- Matthew, Canada

Get sorted with a host of options

You can now go beyond sorting by artist, title or album. Pinpoint the tracks most important to you with new sorting categories, including:

  • Lyrics availability
  • Metadata quality
  • Tag completion
  • Cover art size
  • Cover art resolution

Customize your view

In SongGenie it is now possible to customize search columns with the available song tags and re-arrange them to your needs. All tags that are available in iTunes can be shown in SongGenie as well. 


"I have used CoverScout and SongGenie more than any other third party app on my Mac."

- Bob Ellis, USA

Achieve collection perfection

Follow your progress with the SongGenie status bar. See how much of your collection is missing info, including tags and lyrics. When the indicators turn green, your collection is ready to go.

Check any folder, add new libraries

SongGenie operates independently of iTunes. You can add multiple folders to check, even those on external drives.
In the Preferences panel, you can choose to sync your newly found information with iTunes.

Identify unknown songs

Acoustic fingerprint

SongGenie uses an acoustic fingerprint to return correct song information for over 80% of searches. Also, SongGenie can detect errors in songs that have been mis-titled or include typos, and rectifies spelling variations of the same artist. If you wish, you can type in your own corrections for any label.

Identify album year & track number

As well as the album name, SongGenie now detects the year the album was originally released. Even better, SongGenie adds the track number to the file so that the album can be played in the order intended.

Supported formats

  • MP3
  • AAC
  • MP4
  • Apple lossless format (unprotected)
  • AIFF

Always apply original album

Individual songs can often appear on many different albums. You can set SongGenie to always automatically apply the first album it finds. The track is attached to the original album it was released on.

Define rules for capitalization

We all have our own way of capitalizing certain words or titles. SongGenie allows you to specify your own rules when it comes to applying results. These rules will apply to the whole result, except the very first word.

Tidy tags, titles and typos

Choose your genres

Adding genres to tracks can be a nightmare. Songs downloaded from different sources include a confusing variety of genres. Thankfully, SongGenie has the pre-defined list of 79 ID3v1 genres, to keep your collection as tidy as possible. Of course, you can edit the list in the Preferences panel to your own taste.

ID3 tag support

With SongGenie you can go beyond artists and titles. Add all the tags used in the ID3 format and supported by iTunes:

  • Album
  • Album Artist
  • Artist
  • Beats Per Minute
  • Bit Rate
  • Comments
  • Composer
  • Disc Number
  • Genre
  • Grouping
  • Kind
  • Sample Rate
  • Time
  • Track Number
  • Year

Use the latest ID3 standard

SongGenie uses the latest ID3 standard v2.4 to store title information. SongGenie automatically updates your existing ID3 tag to v2.4 if it is a previous version.

Add lyrics to your music

Detect lyrics automatically

Let SongGenie find your lyrics automatically. SongGenie 2 checks freely accessible web archives for lyrics and saves them directly in the music file. SongGenie attempts to locate your song exactly and suggests the right lyrics.

Before applying lyrics to your song you can read and scroll through the search result. To apply it to your song you just have to click on the arrow.


"The search engine in both SongGenie and CoverScout is very good and gives me good control over my searches"

- Peter Hesen, Netherlands

Web search

Alternatively, use the built-in web search function. SongGenie loads the most popular lyrics sites to try and pinpoint your song, and with one click you can apply the results or edit the text yourself. In the Preferences panel you can even add new websites to the list of defaults or manually type in a url in the web search browser.

Works great with CoverScout

Search for artwork with CoverScout

Not sure which is the correct album? Twig your memory by using the "Search With CoverScout" function. This loads SongGenie's sister application, which searches for the perfect cover art.

Show cover size in list view

Poor image resolution for your cover art means it will appear blurry and disorted. Use SongGenie to sort by the quality of covers and see which images need replacing. You can then use CoverScout to search for the best image available.