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Version 1.2.9 11/06/2012    Download        

    We've fixed a small issue in iSale express:

    • Solved a problem when adding new ebay accounts to iSale express
    • Have fun selling on ebay with iSale express!
      Team equinux

Version 1.2.7 07/19/2012    Download        

    Ready for OS X Mountain Lion

    This update fixes a crash under OS X Mountain Lion and addresses a problem with the new retina display. This iSale express update is only available on Intel Macs.

    iSale express is now also Developer ID ready and will support the new Gatekeeper security feature in OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.

Version 1.2.6 01/25/2012
    • The auction title and other details will be preserved in duplicated auctions
    • Added support for eBay new payment process in Germany and Austria
Version 1.2.5 12/22/2011
    • We've added FedEx as a shipping option for US eBay users
    • Added support for Moneybookers, Paymate and ProPay (only available for for eligible users - see eBay's help for details)
    • Your auction title can now be up 80 characters long
    • Fixed an issue when entering prices with decimals
    • Solved an issue where auction details weren't immediately saved

    Happy Holidays from all of us here at equinux!

Version 1.2.4 09/09/2011
    • Fixed a problem that could occur while uploading images to an FTP server under OS X Lion
    • Addressed a problem that prevented iSale from uploading images to new Picasa accounts
    • Improved the reliability of eBay Turbolister CSV imports
    • Fixed a bug that prevented certain shipping costs from being entered correctly
    • iSale now offers spelling, dictionary and grammar tools in the context menu
    • Removed some obsolete eBay options from iSale's preferences
Version 1.2.3 07/27/2011
    • iSale now supports the new custom item specifics from eBay
    • Improved iSale Widget
    • Optimized scrollers for OS X Lion
    • Fixed some glitches with OS X Lion in user interface
Version 1.2.2 06/22/2011
    • iSale is now compatible with the current Mac OS X Lion developer previews
    • Fixed a crash that could occur during status updates
    • Improved compatibility with the Picasa Picture Service
Version 1.2.1 06/03/2011
    • Improved the reliability of the status update feature
    • The days of the week are shown when choosing an auction end date
    • Resolved an issue with the watch count
Version 1.2.0 05/31/2011
    • NEW iSale now supports the eBay Product Catalog
    • IMPROVED eBay integration
    • IMPROVED Performance tweaks
    • IMPROVED User interface enhancements
    • Immediate payment can now be used with Fixed Price
    • Custom templates can be deleted
    • Return Policies can now be used with eBay Motors
Version 1.1.0 01/14/2011
    • Improved support of MobileMe preferences synchronization
    • Prepared for the Mac App Store
    • Minor changes to the update system
Version 1.0.4 11/30/2010
    • The Supersize Picture Option now works with the eBay Picture Service
    • Correct price is displayed for auctions with Best Offer
Version 1.0.3 09/24/2010
    • Updated iSale to support the latest eBay authentication method
Version 1.0.1 08/05/2010
    • Fixed an issue with German and French localization
Version 1.0.0 08/04/2010
    Initial version