Map your Network

The new link to your Smart Home

What goes into your home network… becomes clear as soon as something stops running. Are you responsible for your family’s IT setup at home? All it takes is one scan with Spot Maps to get an overview of all devices running in your network. And with the ease of drag-and-drop, you can create a network map that is one-of a kind. Spot Maps – Map your Network!

Your media-lounge
Create a network map of your home and plan your networked entertainment and smart devices down to the last detail.

  • Adjust Smart TVs & wireless speakers
  • Find the IP of your network drive
  • Access smart lights or your weather stations

Quick troubleshooting
Even without any technical background, you can quickly figure out why your daughter can’t print her school paper or why the WLAN guest accesses is not working. No need to search for IPs, just double click on the network setup of the affected devices.

Already in sleep-mode?
Then which one of the kids turned the iPad on at 10:30pm? You have full control of when devices are enabled to go on or offline. Thanks to Monitoring, you can experience your network live.

Protect, understand, and plan your network
Perfectly organize IT, entertainment equipment, and backup solutions. Recognize the risk factors in your home network.


Known from...


Become your agency's network expert

It's 9:30pm. Tomorrow is the deadline for the big pitch. Who is still online, and where do I log in to set up the printer? How can I access the NAS configuration page so our freelancer can copy their data to the server?

Who can connect, where are issues?
Thanks to visual live-monitoring, you have an immediate and complete overview of all network devices.

Presentation in the conference room?
A simple click on a network device is all you need to access network file sharing or start a screen sharing session.

Is your printer on strike?
Find devices and access configuration webpages for printers, scanners, and NAS devices.


Your company network blueprint

With Spot Maps, you’ll never lose track of what’s on your network by just looking at your created network map. With live mode you can see which devices are connected to your network at a single glance.

New employees and equipment?
The network scanner has already found the new additions. Add new hosts to your network map and filter by operating system, service, or availability.

Every interface in detail
Create multiple network maps in a single Spot Maps document. Create overviews by subnet, location or floors in the building.

An overview for everyone
Export your network maps for administrators and superiors. Include important information for assistance for each device.


Back to School with Spot Maps

All set for the new semester? Spot Maps makes it possible for you to obtain a complete overview of your educational institution's network.

Overview of all inventory
Presentation setups, e-learning classes, media labs, archives – the Network Scanner provides you with infos about hosts, device groups, and even filters by participating operating systems.

Lesson plan for your network
From the assembly hall to WLAN spots. Create a network mind-map for the entire institution. Choose symbols for your scan results and directly distribute them onto your Spot Map.

Has someone forgotten to shutdown the lab computer?
Thanks to the Monitoring function, the network equipment is always under your control - live!