VPN Tracker 4.0 World Premiere at Networld+Interop

Released at Networld+Interop, 4.0 features Smart VPN and Mode-Config support.

Las Vegas − May 03, 2005: Las Vegas, NV 05/03/2005 - At the renown Interop security trade show in Las Vegas, equinux has just publicly announced the long-awaited release of its Macintosh VPN client software, VPN Tracker 4.0. VPN Tracker for Mac OS X, now in the 4th generation, offers features no mobile worker can afford to live without.

For users always on the go, version 4.0 offers a fantastic new feature which will make VPN connections work hassle-free wherever you are. This technology, "Smart VPN", helps to keep the VPN connection going. When this option is enabled, VPN Tracker will automatically follow network configuration changes, restarting the VPN service when necessary and skipping unneeded VPN connections (e.g. your Office connection when you are in the office).

VPN Tracker 4 boasts even more new features. Mode-Config allows dynamic configuration from the server side simplifying large scale VPN rollouts. A trafffic indicator has also been integrated, showing the amount of traffic going in and out through your VPN connection.

And finally, equinux is proud to add two new popular gateway devices to its ever growing list of compatible gateway devices: Cisco PIX (with easy VPN support) and Cisco VPN Concentrator. VPN Tracker is compatible with over 250 major commercial firewalls/gateways, and is thus deployable in nearly all network configurations. VPN Tracker is a more universal solution than ever before.

We are proud to present VPN Tracker 4.0 here at Networld+Interop. equinux is a major innovator in software for the Mac, and we are strongly representing this market at Networld+Interop. For all mobile Mac users, VPN Tracker is the only viable solution for secure VPN connections, and with these features, it is the best solution available for the Mac platform." commented equinux CEO Till Schadde on the trade show floor in Las Vegas.

VPN Tracker is available in the Professional and Personal edition. They can be purchased online,, for USD 199.90 (EUR 179,00) for the Professional and for USD 89.90 (EUR 79,00) for the Personal Edition, or from a registered equinux reseller. Upgrades are available from VPN Tracker 3.x to 4.x, and from Personal to the Professional Edition. Version 4.0 can be downloaded cost-free for a 30 day demo period from the equinux website

equinux is a market leader in software solutions for the Mac OS X plattform. VPN Tracker, the company's flagship product, has received numerous awards from press and users and is compatible with more than 250 commercial VPN devices. The company's expanding product portfolio includes both professional (VPN Tracker Server, APC Tracker, MacDial) and consumer software (iSale, TamTam, iTranslate).
equinux is a privately held company with subsidiaries in Boston (USA) and Munich (Germany). More information at and