VPN Tracker 4.9 supports 12 new devices

New version supports 2 new Collax and 10 new Fortinet devices

Munich, Germany − November 21, 2006: Munich (Germany) / San Mateo, CA (USA) - November 21st, 2006: equinux has today released version 4.9 of VPN Tracker, an essential update to the market-leading VPN client for Mac OS X. A complete compatibility list can be found on the equinux website at This version adds compatibility for two new Collax devices as well as 10 new Fortinet devices. Additional improvements have also been made between VPN Tracker and Intel-Macs. Now VPN Tracker automatically starts connections at login on Intel-based Macs.

More information on the VPN Tracker and all equinux software products can be found at: