Mac Live Expo 2007: iSale improves the workflow for creating online auctions

equinux introduces iSale 4.4, complete with 222 auction templates, enhanced AppleScript integration and Macbay support

San Mateo, USA / Munich, Germany − November 15, 2007: equinux has not only enhanced its award-winning online auction manager, iSale, but it has also added 12 new templates just in time for the start of this year's Mac live Expo in Cologne, Germany. The added features in iSale 4.4 include enchanced AppleScript integration, and support for the popular german online storage space, "We're confident that many of our online sellers will be able to improve their workflows, with the enhanced AppleScript capabilities," says equinux CEO Till Schadde, "on top of that, iSale helps to dramatically lower the cost of fees to set up auctions." And now that iSale 4.4 supports the online storage space Macbay, costs for extra auction pictures are now a thing of the past. All iSale 4.4 users can register for the german online service provider within the iSale application. Once registered with, all pictures will automatically be saved to a personal folder that can be used for all future online auctions. iSale helps to get higher selling prices The new improvements with AppleScript give sellers the possibility to simplify their workflow, allowing each user to put up their auctions almost immediately and easily manage their preferred database. Users can create their auctions directly in iSale with all necessary data and assign auction photos with just a click of a button. The 222 high-quality templates included with iSale 4.4 give each template a professional look and feel, helping iSale users to get a higher selling price.