The Tube 2.6 with new EPG Engine

equinux enhances The Tube 2.6 with new Engine for Electronic Program Guides (EPG)

South San Francisco, USA / Munich, Germany − April 10, 2008: equinux today released The Tube 2.6 with a completely reengineered EPG engine. Users can now choose between different electronic program guide (EPG) plug-ins and automatically update TV information even when they're imported from alternative EPGs in the  XMLTV format. One of the biggest publishing companies for television listings in Germany, Bauer Verlagsgruppe, led the way by providing its TV Movie,  Europe's toughest film critics, EPG service to German The Tube users as a plug-in in The Tube.

The Tube 2.6 automatically updates the electronic program guide (EPG) twice a day and therefore always provides users with the latest TV listings. To open the application to third-party providers of TV listings, The Tube now has a new plug-in structure to allow users to choose between different television guides. The Tube was the first Mac application to add support for the open XMLTV standard for TV listings. The Tube 2.6 can also handle automatic XMLTV-updates in the same way as it automatically updates TV listings via DTT (DVB-T).

"We're thrilled to start integrating high quality television listings in Germany with TV Movie, Europe's toughest filmcritics and one of the biggest providers of TV guides", says equinux-CEO Till Schadde. "We look forward to soon bringing TV listings from other countries to the Mac community. We believe that the TV listing information should be made freely available to consumers."

To encourage content providers in other countries to also make their TV listings available for The Tube users, equinux welcomes any provider interested in joining forces in order to revolutionize the Mac TV market.

The Tube 2.6 is free for every registered The Tube user via the integrated update feature and the equinux website. equinux ships The Tube with its TV receiver TubeStick for DTT (DVB-T) for a recommended retail price for just Ä39.95 (incl. German VAT).