VPN Trackerís final Version 2.0 delivers Digital Certificates for Mac OS X

equinux today launched itís final version 2.0 of VPN Tracker to deliver the highly requested feature of digital certificates to the Mac OS X community.

Munich / Boston − May 28, 2003: With the support of certificate-based authentication, equinux assures a highly scalable encryption system for greater identity protection in large-scale deployments and provides a safe method of distributing public keys.

„The innovative features of VPN Tracker 2.0 speak for themselves“ said Till Schadde, equinux’s CEO. „We’ve not only focussed on the implementation of certificate support, but also concentrated on providing a graphically easy-to-use interface, including characteristics such as drag and drop to import and export certificates.“

Certificates can be centrally managed by means of digital generation, signing and issuing, giving network administrators flexibility, control and greater reliability for establishing user identities on the internet. Each element of the network is authenticated and the validation by a trusted third party guarantees that keys are being exchanged between two known parties.

VPN Tracker’s digital cryptology provides full scale CA services, including RSA keys and X.509 certificates for device authentication. It can respond to certificate-signing requests in PEM and DER format whilst existing certificates can additionally be imported in PKCS#12 format. Version 2.0 is also compatible with internal or external Certification Authorities (CA’s).

Editions, Pricing and Availability

VPN Tracker version 2.0 is, as previously, available in both personal and professional editions. In terms of cerificates, the personal edition has the capability to create certificate requests, on top of which the professional edition is able to create certificates and CA’s and sign certificate requests.

VPN Tracker 2.0 can now be purchased via download from the equinux website or from authorised VPN Tracker consultants worldwide. Pricing for the personal edition is $89,90 whilst that of the professional is $199,90.

equinux’s introductory offer runs until the 06/06/2003 and allows the purchase of a single personal license for the former price of $79,90.

Free upgrades to version 2.0 will be available for all purchases of VPN Tracker as of the 25/04/03, for which equinux will automatically distribute new serial numbers. All customers to have purchased the software outside of the grace period are entitled to an upgrade, starting at $19.