VPN Tracker Server Substitutes Leased Lines and Dial-Up Modems for Home and Branch Offices

New equinux software product debuts at Macworld in San Francisco.

Macworld Expo, San Francisco − January 06, 2004:

equinux, a leading vendor of software systems for the Mac platform today announces the launch of VPN Tracker Server, an application to set up encrypted remote access connections for Mac OS X workgroups over standard Internet lines. The software runs as a VPN gateway for smaller companies and provides rapid deployment capabilities to any home or branch office through VPN Tracker Client.

VPN Tracker Server allows remote access for external users, and home or branch offices are able to connect securely to the office using VPN Tracker Client. The client / server architecture provides a bulletproof protection against illegal tampering, the encryption is based on the highly acclaimed IPsec protocol and by supporting AES-256, the software manages very-high security environments (Mac OS X Server is not needed).

“VPN technology has never been more simple to deploy and considering that it is the most cost efficient solution on the market today, no company can afford to be without it,” comments Till Schadde, CEO of equinux. “VPN Tracker is easy to setup just in seconds and extremely simple to use for home workers that are not used to connecting to the office Intranet.

VPN technology has revolutionized the possibility for companies to replace modem and leased line dial-ups, such as ARA for home and branch offices accessing the company’s Intranet or Extranet. By providing a cost efficient, rapidly deployed solution for companies, mobile workers are able to connect to their local service provider in using VPN.

Pricing and availability
VPN Tracker Server can be purchased from the equinux website, and from authorized VPN Tracker consultants worldwide. The price of the software is $129.90.
For VPN Tracker Client pricing starts at $89.90 for a single Personal Edition license, the Professional Edition version is $199.90. For multiple licenses equinux offers volume discounts.

Download a free demo of VPN Tracker Server: